Jesus = Lucifer

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  1. Isnt Lucifer gods son? and isnt jesus gods son?
    So is the new tesetemant just a way to get followers of Lucifer by making it easier to get into heaven when it wouldnt really b?

  2. Stop trying to make sense of the bible
  3. Lucifer was just a grumpy angel. So god put him in timeout...
  4. We're all Gods son doe...we're all related, brother. lol.Sent from The Gods.
  5. nah man
  6. what about how the bible says the devil will use worldy powers to trick people into thinking hes god
  7. [quote name="Skywalker298" post="19372175" timestamp="1390187998"]nah man[/quote]Don't fight it, brother. feel the connection to me, to Jesus, to the devil.:metal:Sent from The Gods.
  8. how bad is drug usage to god, anyone know?
  9. who knows man. who fucking knows. like really though. who knows? 
  10. The Bible doesn't have enough car chases.
  11. no idea man, no idea, ive just been having alot of strange things happen to me recently....
  12. No. Jesus was the son of God. Lucifer was a lessor God/angel which was also a creation of God or just a subordinate, but not of his spirit. If you believe in that shit. Personally I subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory myself. It answers far more questions without all the loopholes and bullshit.
  13. like some say shadow people are ghosts, or other apparations are ghosts, im not seeing im see them or anything but some have seen snakes, weried sea creatures, other out of this world shit
  14. Genesis 1:29 says he gave us all trees and herbs bearing seed for our benefit.
    And religion itself appears to be a drug for some.
  15. I see shadow men all the time. Bodachs. They are merely watchers. On the days you catch yourself seeing the clock at 11:11 or 3:33 pay close attention to your peripheral vision and you'll see them. I'm not a big believer in ghosts, but I see them all the time.
  16. they are trying to haunt me for some reason, and ill see snakes moving around, spider fly things moving, walrus demons, all sorts of shit. idk its a semi annominious forum w/e., ill see cats sometimes.
    They will wave at me, sometimes they will have sex. its weiried
    except women. according to the bible women aint shit except dick sleeves 
  18. Everybody knows that Nas is Gods son.
    lucifer was once the son & a considered equal to all other angels?....... It says that lucifer was envious of humans, accept from what they depict of him or angels, they seem to be even more sentient and enlightened than us. Something I cannot seem to understand, unless its about innocence and what God might deem okay by us and not okay by the angels. The very notion of wanting to be considered an equal is an illusion, everything in existence is a source of oneness, when you can accept that.....     

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