Jesus healed using cannabis, study shows.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Sheppo, May 23, 2010.

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  2. I remember hearing about that a long time ago, it's nice to see it again from another source. If Jesus cannot get weed legalized, then I think we are at a loss.
  3. reminds me of rick simpson, the second coming?
  4. what would jesus do? oh thats right, blaze.
  6. Wow. I have to spread this.
  7. last sentence/quote made me smile. nice.

    of course the thought of Jesus using cannabis will be looked down upon in Churches.
  8. So it's not the greased-up deaf guy but the greased-up stoned guy..

  9. your never gonna catch me see you next yeaaarrrr

  10. hashahahahahaha
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    Now that's a bit of a stretch. The actual translation of kaneh-bosem/bosm is "sweet cane." Sweet cane is Sweet Calamus (also known as fragrant cane). It is used to this day in anointing ceremonies and incense. Sweet Calamus is mentioned several times in the old testament. Regardless of what some Bible researchers claim, this was backed up by the Torah itself.
  12. They obviously used it. How would anyone honestly believe that a plant that grows naturally and so prolifically in that region would not have been used for it's medicinal and recreational purposes.
  13. You've clearly never ever met any of the poorly educated Christians we have hanging around here in the US. :rolleyes:
    Oh you lucky ducky.
  14. It makes sense that Jesus would have smoked.

    He'd sure like a vape!!
  15. Yes, obviously persecuting people for having or smoking an extremely beneficial plant is anti-Christ. His message was about peace and acceptance, regardless of what plants were currently used for healing in that time or by Christ himself. Maybe one day the world will listen to the tune
  16. My brother makes an amazing cannabis massage oil. My girl rubbed me down with it once, head to toe and it was one of the most incredible sensations I have ever had. My whole body was just jelly...

    My aged grandmother uses the oil on her arthritic hands with great success!
  17. I believe it. I mean it kinda makes sense somehow.

  18. that. is. fucking. cool.
  19. Consider the source :\
  20. This claim is bovine scatology. What a bunch of fools.

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