Jesus FReaks, what do u think of my simple reasoning?

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    id rather believe someone who said they dont know rather than someone who said they have all the answers, because i know that the someone that said they didnt know is telling the truth

    a long time ago in an athesist post someone said "ask a dying man if he believes in god, he'll tell u hes real", and i just had to smh, of course a dying man is going to say something along those lines, he doesnt want to die, and when he does die, he'll hope to live another great life in heaven b/c he believed, and that the reason why people believe, b/c they fear death (who doesnt) and lie to themselves in saying after this life is another one waiting for me, i usally keep these kind of thoughts to myself b/c they cause extreme emotion but i just saw a doc. on the dark age and some of the stuff they did in the "name of the lord" is truly sick and disturbing

    i guess i can simplify w. a quote from my fav. show seinfield

    "I thought u didnt believe in god"
    George: "Only for the bad stuff"
  2. An after life gives hope...

    PS.. They dont like being called freaks..;)
  3. W/E. The way I see it, religion is just a way to make sense of it all. Without religion, for most people, there is no right and wrong, no up or down, just life and death.

    And at the moment, as a society, we are in a denial of death. We do all we can to live longer, we avoid the discussion of death. People nowadays just dont want to accept that dying is part of the natural cycle of life.
  4. You hit the nail on the head.
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    This doesn't make sense, according to this logic, wouldnt all atheist then believe? Or do all atheist not fear death? Interesting.

    Death is inevitable. It's only foolish to fear it.

    I am a Jesus Lover.
  6. if you think about it though, think if you were staring down and earth and having no prior knowledge of religion but you did know what government was, does it not seem like all religions look like a "government". If that makes sense, then i do agree with you with how religion looks terrible sometimes. i mean sacrifices? seriously? i didnt know i had to sacrifice someone to be good with god. . .:eek:
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    i find it interesting that even mother thersa or whatever her name was diening her faith in her dying days, isnt she the holest of the holy? call me the devil, call me athesist or whatever have your little names but religon in this day and age is a joke to 70% of people, at least in the us in seems, on a side note have u guys seen that bitch hiedi montag talking about her faith and crap on tv, its a damn roit, nowonder rapist and ex murders, robbers, whatever come out jail fully beliving in god/jesus/religion cause there damn idiots to begin w/, i had a good friend that i knew come out of jail like this, i asked him about dinosaurs and he said in biblical time u could go up to a dinosaur and pet them like a!?!?

    the only way human society will disprove the existience of a stringpuller is w/ cold hard evidence, and i believe were on the right track, tech. is leading the way, we just have to survive but religion is ruining that somewhat, religion has always tried to destroy science read ur history
  8. so people without religion have no sense of morals(right and wrong)?

    and what is up and down supposed to mean, i know that up is relative to where i am, in accordance to what sense im trying to portray the meaning in
  9. I don't fear death i am actually excited for it, its the final frontier No One Knows what lies beyond that veil......

  10. Well if religion gives moral why is their wars fought for god, genocides in the name of god, AND Serial killers who believe they are doing gods work.....Those are some damn good morals that religion teaches.

  11. Oh my god. Take a basic ethics course in college. Take some class about the evolutionary history of societies.

    Rationalism and emotional ties (byproduct of our evolution) are the means by which we determine what is right from what is wrong, which manifests itself in secular humanism.

    To say that without religion there is no right and wrong shows that you lack the most basic understanding of morality.

    No one takes their innate moral values from books written hundreds of years ago. Some impose those archaic values on themselves, like the belief that denouncing a god will bring you damnation, but those are not innate at all and scarcely can be called 'morals.'
  12. What is the most frusterating thing for me to get past is how can modern humans STILL believe in the bible with all of the far fetched stories of talking snakes, water turned to wine, ect...

    Like the OP , I believe that people choose religion not only because it is forced upon them when young ( which ingrains such values ), but largely because of the comfort that is gained from thinking that when death comes they are saved.

    With that saved i propose that without death, there would be no religion...just fables/ stories.

  13. Without death the world would be overpopulated.
  14. Not knocking any religion or faith...
    Just some quotes that I thought were relevant...

    You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into. ~Author Unknown

    Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. ~Andre Gide

  15. No one that I know takes everything that the bible says literally like that. In fact the only people I know who do are atheists.
    Most intelligible Christians believe that a lot of the bible is figurative, even the creation of the world as described in the bible is figurative (or something along those lines). The fun part is finding out what it means literally.
  16. Hence the reason for bible studies.
  17. OP, you're definitely close to the source, in my eyes.

    I believe fear is the ultimate motivator behind those who follows religion.

    They find comfort and protection from following the Lord from the start of their life, as children.

    Sometimes, they have real profound experiences when they actively engaged in the discussions at hand.

    There for, I believe that they truly belong in the arms of Jesus Christ and under the watchful eye of God.

    They feel safe, warm, and secure. Anytime a challenge or crisis occurs, they can rely on the power of prayer.

    It truly is a magical connection some people who truly devout themselves have that unearthly bond.


    Haha. Oh man, I could go on forever.

    Simply put, Religion is an OLD method of growth humans developed.

    I feel now we're passed that point.

    Let enlightenment take you to the next step.

  18. Lol why bother. Peace outtttt.

  19. i prefer christfags, but i feel guilty about offending homosexuals.

  20. This is what I don't understand, Even Jesus himself said that people will hate and speak badly about him and all those who follow him. You're basically proving him right, thus strengthening my belief.

    I just don't understand this type of mentality over such a belief that helps people greatly. Depsite it being a joke or not.

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