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  1. everyone knows about jesus in one way or another whether you read the bible or not. what do you think jesus was back o say 2000 years ago...i think he was a great magician who used his powers to gain the confidence of his follwers and used this as a basisi for christianity as it is known today..but thats just my interpritation on it whats yours?
  2. moved to spirituality/philosophy, we gots a forum for this stuff yo
  3. As for Jesus... whatever he was I think he had a good message; peace, consideration, tolerance, etc. Maybe he was someone that was so incredibly smart that he knew the true value of peace and could manipulate others to his altruistic goal. At that point would it matter if he's truly a messiah? Or maybe that's my narcisism speaking :D
  4. who ever saw that South Park with the magician and Jesus? That explains everything...
  5. Jesus... *Whistles* Get ready for a rant, boys and girls.

    Jesus is, in my mind, at least, nothing more than a character from a brilliant story. Imagine, some guy 2000 years ago, or so, sitting down and writing an absolutly brilliant piece of literature. Literature that survived for two millenia, and became the basis for a belief system the world over. Bingo! We have Christianity. I personally believe Jesus and all he represents... 95% of it is amazing. The ideals, the desire to do no harm to anyone... all of it. However, to place faith in a story... it's a little much for me. All the original beliefs and tenents had a basis back when the Bible was written, but, regardless, I can't believe Christianity.

    Either that, or Jesus could have been an amazing teacher. A generally great guy, who set a precedent for behavior and stuck out in someone's mind. *Shrugs* Maybe a little of column a, a little of column b?
  6. there actually never existed a jesus in the first place. it's a hoax. a huge bluff.

    there is no sources what-so-ever outside of the bible confirming any part of the jesus mythology. considering the supposed hoopla this character made, both with roman authority and jewish clergy alike, one would think someone, anyone, would refer to jesus in contemporary records, but no.

    for more indepth reading, visit
  7. that and we really didnt land on the moon.
  8. well, we actually did land on the moon. 6 successfull missions, landing 12 people on our neighbour satelite between 1969 and 1972.

    stating the fact that there are no reliable sources to confirm the life and doubtfull existence of jesus got nothing to do with wild-eyed conspiracy theories regarding mankinds greatest achievement so far...

  9. As an agnostic and skeptic i gotta say nuh-uh. You can't prove he didn't exist any better than anyone can prove he did.

  10. that episode was funny.. lol.. "Tu... turn around."

    as for jehud, all myth but it has a positive message so it's all good. specifics aren't important.. it's the message
  11. i honestly think that jesus, was just some guy who wanted a cult like following, but unlike a cult he taught good moral values and stuff. i mean it sounds like a cult you go to mass they wear robes they have an altar, etc. also in the bible talking about the second comming of christ. when there will be a final judgement and the followers will be saved and live forever with god. hmm sounds like some koolaid laced with arsenic to me..
  12. Jesus Christ is about as real as Buda and Ala and all the other religious symbols out there. Thats all he is a symbol for one of the gratest books in the world. Ever noticed how all popular religion has a symbol of some sort. Ever noticed how every warmongering fiend has had a symbol somthing to represent the overall of what they are. There are just too many things that I just cant belive in this world that is if there is even a world.
  13. there are records of jesus having visited tibet and northern india...

    lets see - speculation about something which none of us can prove wont do any good. the only thing you can do is - either accept the scriptures - the bible- completely or not.

    man is not evolved enough to completely understand the with many other scriptures of the world, many deep profound truths are couched in mystical terms. man with his sense of 'I ' and great belief in his own intellect thinks that anything beyond his current level of comprehension is to be discarded. truth does not rest on mere belief systems. the whole world believed the earth was not round i.e. flat at one point in time. did it make a difference to truth? no.

    the only way to know for sure is personal experience of the truth. if any one ever comes forward and says - i have communed with god, known the deepest secrets of the universe and i know '...xxy...' to be true then only that is a valid statement. this of course depending on whether that person's experience was valid.

    anyways, just wanted to point it out... i'm not a practising christian, but yes, jesus christ did exist. this is because i believe in a person who has communed with god, is a god realised man and brought the science of self realization and god realization (through yoga) to the west.

    if anyone is interested further, the book to read is 'Autobiography of a Yogi' by Paramahansa Yogananda.
    its available free, online at this link

    Love, Light and Peace for all
  14. Jesus was the son of God, not a fucking magician.
  15. Amen to that.
    He IS the Son of God.
    The only difference between him and us is he was completely god realised, whereas we are not even one millionth of that. yet we all hold the same potential within us.
    all we need to do:
    love the lord our god with all our hearts and all our strength and all our might.

  16. There may have been some one.... way back a long long time ago, that called him selves jesus christ. He smoke weed and used canibis extracts as a way to aleviate pain and attempt to heal people. Religion in general is a way the government uses to control people. look through history... new religions emerged all the time... especially when there was a need to control the minds of many. the ideals are great... and obviously the work of a stoner. he told some people some things.... people began listening to him. weed as we know messes with the mind... causing it to see things that are not there. all the stories sound like things i was saying when i was 14 and smoking weed. not only that... but there is also a horrible ammounts of discrepencies iun the bible... when i find a complete list... ill post it here.

  17. Well, sorry, mate, but there is a whole shitload of information pointing to that Jesus (talkin' 'bout the historic Jesus) actually DID exist (Nero, Caesar, scripts and records from that age). Ya should've come over to my room before ya posted that...

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