Jesus Camp

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    "This riveting Oscar-nominated documentary offers an unfiltered look at a revivalist subculture where devout Christian youngsters are being primed to deliver the fundamentalist community's religious and political messages"

    These kids are going to grow up to have some serious issues
  2. i seen this in class. its a cult. its brain washing in millions

  3. I went to Jesus Camp... *shrugs*

    Every concept has fundamentals, and therefore fundamnentalists...

    Nothing wrong with fundamentalism in itself.
  4. Anyone else notice at the prayer conference how when the Fat old woman asked the audience if they believed god could do anything, The mom grabbed both of the kids arms and raised them for them without giving them a second to think about the question?

    "children are so usable in christianity"
    What a horrifying quote!
  5. christianity as a brainwashing tools comes as a surprise? Hm.






    I never would've thought.
  6. freshman year in band class...I almost got suspended for picking on a once homeschooled kid whos now a jehovahs? witnesS??...Id call him gay and tell him he had a small penis...He told on me..

    the dean was like "were you teasing ben carey about being homosexual and having small genitalia"

    ^^the deans son is gay, so he wasnt about gay bashing, kid wasnt gay tho i dont htink, just an evangelical christian im assuming

  7. The movie doesn't make that argument.

    It just scares me when I see a group of children, who all worship George Bush together, being told that they are the generation which is going to rise up and turn America into a theology.
  8. sorry, didn't watch the whole thing...

    there are really ppl who worship George Bush?...

    never heard of that religion...

  9. They gather together and rub a cardboard cutout of him and while praying and speaking in tonges.
  10. now I've heard it all. Jesus Christ, that's sick.
  11. I let my grandmother borrow this movie..
    she still hasn't given it back yet.
  12. most genuine christians will say that they completely disagree with this. i dont think this is what Jesus would have promoted. these particular evangilcals have a distinct condescending attitude toward everyone else.

    i just pray that they soon figure out that what they are doing is not christian, and is disrespecting not only their fellow christians by giving them a bad name, but most importantly God.
  13. genuine christian? What makes them less genuine, or less christian?...

    they are wrong, yes.

  14. How could God be disappointed?

    Isn't he in on this?
  15. not being like Christ makes someone unchristian.
    these particular evangelicals seem to be convinced that He is, though, i dont think this is what He wants at all. also, Jesus believed that church and state should be separate. this alone should be an indication that these people are crossing the line.
  16. Really? Then I have never met a Christian in my entire life.
  17. im sorry to hear that.
  18. Not one can be christ like, therefor, no one is christian.
  19. let me elaborate a little bit.

    the whole reason why Jesus came to earth is because all of humanity was doomed to hell, essentially, for our sinning nature. though, now that He died for our sins on the cross, we all have the chance to "have life, and have it abundantly" or in other words, be like Christ.

    you're right when you say that no human being can be exactly like Jesus Christ. though, we now have the opportunity to be as much like Him as possible! :D

    everyone is a sinner, doomed for hell. fortunately for us, God loves us so much that He let his son die for our sins.

    if you have accepted Jesus Christ in your life, and fully believe in Him with all of your heart, that He is the Son of God, then you are a christian. from then on it is your duty as a christian to live life at the best of your human ability like Jesus.

  20. you make it sound like jesus is an alien, coming to Earth in a space ship. no person comes to earth, they were born on earth. But im sure that is debatable. sorry to bicker, im sure i was just taking your words out of context

    if he came to earth where was he coming from?? I thought jesus was born in bethlaham

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