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Jesus and the last supper

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Foundas, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Scene 1:

    Jesus decided to gather with his 12 mates for the last time before his arrest. He found the perfect place, called them and arranged the meeting. He was the first one who got there, and he brought his 3 ft bong, Peter showed up holding an ounce of weed, John brought MDM pills, Simon 20 LSD blotters and Judas brought the DEA :D :D

    Scene 2:

    Again, last supper, so Jesus decided to spend this night with his friends instead of staying home. They all sat round this big table and started talking and drinking wine. Suddenly, jesus opened a zip bag, and rolled a big fat joint. Peter saw him and vut few lines of cocaine. After 2 hours, jesus stood up, staring at his friends. A peaceful look, with his red full of love eyes.
    Jesus: Tonite, one of you is going to betrate me and hand me over to Romans
    Peter: Is it me Master?
    Jesus:No Peter.
    Simon: Is it me Lord?
    Jesus:Not you Simon.
    Paul: Is it me Master?
    Jesus:No, not you Paul.
    Mathew: Is it going to be Master?
    Jesus: YES you son of the bitch...It's gonna be you
    Judas: Fucking 'A dudes... Jesus is totally wasted... :D :D

  2. LOL.. poor judas :p
  3. heh heh crazy old jesus christ . . . or is it?

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