Jersey shore!

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  1. Tonight don't miss it!!!
  2. Fuck jersey shore.
  3. you know what i fuckn hated on jersey shore, cant get enuf now lol....:D

    but ima miss it, dvr
  4. All that show is about Snooki smushing, all the guys having sex with grenades, and everybody going to tan. Then you have the all the pointless drama in between.
  5. They at the home of the guido's!!!!
  6. entertaining
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  8. while all of you guys be watching naruto's and shit, im fine with jersey shore haha

  9. I watched the first 5 episodes they ever made. I guess it just didn't grab my attention. I'll watch it tonight but I doubt that my opinion will change.:smoke:

  10. Haha, I hate anime, didn't even watch it as a kid.
  11. No thanks, I don't need my IQ to be lowered by watching trash :p

    SHARK WEEK!!!!!!!!! :metal:
  12. I barely even watch tv anymore, but if I do, its probably Mythbusters or the Simpsons.

    Fuck Jersey shore, wish some bikers woulda capped them when they were in Florida.
  13. I saw one of those ugly bitches in South Beach while they were filming here. Disgusting.
  14. I heard Ronnie put the situation in the hospital ZOMG!!!!!
  15. Didn't have any rotten tomatoes to throw?
  16. She passed by pretty fast with some guido dude. I don't even know the bitches name but you can tell she's from Jersey shore. Plus, camera crews were following her. I was inside Whopper Bar eating lol. Fuck that bitch.
  17. I would of taken my food ran outside and thrown it at her.:D
  18. Honestly, I would've told the cooks I'd pay them to throw raw meat at them, but I have enough money to waste, so my scenarios different than most, but its still worthwhile.
  19. I'm STOKED, can't wait. Me and a couple friends are going to be at my house, we're going to toke and watch it. :)
  20. I watched it before and I still think they can't really be that stupid they gotta be acting like that on purpose for attention

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