Jersey Shore Season 4 Premiere - Italy this time..

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  1. [FONT=&quot]As you all know Jersey Shore Season 4 premiere is on the way on August 4th at 10pm on its home channel (MTV).[/FONT] I am very much excited to watch it. This is one of my favorite series to watch. As this is in Italy this time. I expect much more entertainment this time. Isn't it? What do you expect?

    Jersey Shore Season 4 Episode 1
  2. I bet sammie and ronnie will fight more, break up/get together and snooki will fuck more dudes.
  3. I've been watching since the first episode and am ready to stop. I'll watch the first episode and give it a try, but the second I see any Ron/Sam drama I'm done, I can't take it anymore. I do really want to see Situation get his ass beat by Ronnie though, it's been 3 years coming. I'll probably just wait till that's on youtube, I don't think I can put up with another season, last year was terrible.
  4. real Italians gonna wreck them in the street.theve been waitin
  5. I feel that this season will be pretty funny because they aren't in the country. Hopefully they don't have translators or go to a location where it's primarily English being spoken, that would make this season funny, they're drunk and can't understand a word that's said.
  6. Can't wait
  7. its gonna be so good, i think. the ronnie/sammie drama is definitely gonna boil over, and i think its gonna come to a complete stop in the house. no one can put up with it anymore! also, snooki's gonna get drunk and do her thing. that's a given. :hello: :smoke:
  8. Who the hell gave them a fourth season? Why doesn't MTV use that money to broadcast like oh I don't know...MUSIC TELEVISION.

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