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Jersey prices ridiculous

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. New hampshire is on the same train one of the growers dissappeared
  2. I despise people like you. Maybe he can't afford it or he can't find a hook up. Weed snobs piss me off.
  3. i live in north jersey, and I drive to the city to get my bud.. Way more quality shit and reasonable prices... just gotta be smart when driving back..

  4. i do the same shit, my boy hooks me up and all he gets is dank, sometimes it might not be cured perfectly or sometimes its outdoors, but he usually has tons of variety so it doesnt bother me, i just usually get the best looking and smelling dank.
    1/8th = 40
    1/4 = 80
    1/2= 160
    0z= 350 but i never get this much
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    Mommy and daddy don't pay for our weed like yours do.
  6. 973 here and damn... I wouldn't be paying that shit hah.. feel bad for ya'll.. but you have rekindled the idea I had to start sellin herb again since I am in college and am surrounded by stoners.. :D
  7. i lived in the princeton area but smoked at my friend's place in ewing. gonna have to agree it's expensive as hell, especially compared to when i lived in peoria AZ... arizona's prices make sense though.

    i live in the lehigh valley of PA now and haven't found any hookups, so i can't compare prices from NJ. right now if i want anything i have to go drive an hour back into NJ. bleh.
  8. I live in jersey and I get mine 140 an ounce for some nice bud
  9. Qtrs are 130, Halfs are 250.

    I don't want to ask my guy how much an oz is. I'm man enough to cry loudly in front of him.

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