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Jersey prices ridiculous

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. #1 Monstertoker, Aug 12, 2011
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    I live in Jersey and lemme tell you these prices are outrageous compared to what some of you are getting. I'm paying 400 for an Oz of dank. And it's not just me getting ripped its the entire northern part of the state. Comments?
  2. Wish I could help I hook friends up for $200 an oz of grape kush and OG Kush. I know another guy who ships to NY and jacks up the price guess it's high risk still to ship is why. Hope someday you find a good hook up everyone deserves that at least.:hello: :bongin:
  3. What's more ridiculous is that someone pays 400 dollars for an oz of regs.
  4. Thats a CRIME in itself
  5. Yeah man it's tough around here with the risk factor shipping it across the country. A lot of out bud comes from Cali and the surrounding states. Totally moving in a couple years though :smoking:
  6. Dude jersey sucks, an oz of grade a bud is around $400 though. Not mids lol
  7. Agreed
  8. yea before i joined the city i thought i was paying alot (200-250 for dank) but ya'll have me beat everytime.
    inflation is due to the risk unfortunately,
    it can go as high as she wants.
  9. if you paid $400 for regs. then someone just made say $300 to $340 off you. mexican brick is dirt cheap. I mean i live in del. i can get it for 1100 an lb, but would i...No.... I'll stick with my $80-$100 a quarter
  10. In Canada most of the bud is higher end and you always pay $10 per g. An eighth is $30, half is $130 and I haven't gotten an oz before or acquired the price.
  11. Prices around here
    1/8= 60
    1/4= 120
    1/2= 200
    1= 400

    ... There's the occasional hookup from a couple dealers though, shave off 20-30 bucks.
  12. so you could buy 4 eigths for 120 but if you ask for a half (same thing) its 10 bucks more?
    you are getting played.
    I'm in Canada aswell and I agreed with you up until the half price,
    the more you buy the more you SAVE not have to pay ha.
  13. Haha that's exactly why i'm saying its ridiculous
  14. #14 ricekrspysquare, Aug 12, 2011
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    Haha wasn't paying attention. The eighth price is from my old dealer. The half price is from my new dealer who is way better quality haha.
  15. OF dank i can understand, but REG!?? WTFF
  16. #16 Cyrax, Aug 12, 2011
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    You sir is getting jipped, i live in north jersey as well, passaic county to be more specific.
    1oz=360 to 400
    These prices go about for all quality from mexican brick to dank

    Growing is the only option where you get alot of herb and spending very little
  17. I wish i could grow. And i'm moving from Passaic county to morris county at the end of the month. Small world.
  18. well I've never bought weed in another state so it seems fair to me
  19. Yea nnj prices suck. Especially around passaic county, its usually pretty good though
  20. 1/8 - $60
    1/4 - $120
    1/2 - $220
    oz - $420 :(

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