jersey mike's drug test

Discussion in 'General' started by GSMOKES, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i know most food service places don't drug test,
    but what about jersey mike's?
  2. Jersey Mike's is the shitttt, sorry I have no information about their drug testing though :x Maybe go and sk the employees there if they had to take a drug test before being hired?
  3. who doesn't love a nice fresh sub?
    subway blows.
    nasty nasty shit.
    penn station does kick their ass for hot subs though.
  4. I just got hired at Jersey Mike's today and there was no mention of a drug test. Penn Station and Quiznos are waaaay better choices though, Subway has become a mainstream shithole.
  5. I got hired today at Jersey Mike's, and during the interview there was mention of "kind buds" and some snickering at the mention of 4:20.

    Fuck yeah.
  6. Why do so many people here only look for jobs that don't drug test and that give you enough cash to scrape by?

    It seems(To me, atleast) that a lot of members are limiting themselves in what they do in life.

    *Plenty of well paying CAREERS that you can still consume cannabis.
    *Not calling out OP

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