Jersey City Here...

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  1. yooo I'm living in jersey city too, pm me if u know anyone by the heights, I'm fuckin bored and i aint a cop.
  2. i remember a while back One of my friends from Jersey city was telling me that Some drug dealers stole a cops walkie talkie. So that they can tell where and when the cops are and stuff like that.

    The cops would be sitting on every corner, looking for someone to walk by with The cops radio.

    Then, They finally caught the guy. he comes walking out of the back of a house, (a crack house Im guessing, cause the cops would post up where Known crack n H dealers would hangout.

    Dudue had the police scanner in his hand and the cop catches him red handed..

    This is a story told to me by a friend, Never thought to look it up to see if its true though.

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