Jerry Garcia. Rest in Peace 8/9/95

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  1. I never knew the man, but he was a great friend of mine. If anyone can create anything in the world to match this kind of beauty , i haven't ssen it.




    you are so missed, you've changed so many lives, once i got my first taste, i was never the same
  2. Rest in Peace, Jerry.

    One of the most influential musicians to me, personally.. Even though I don't play guitar(I'm a drummer), his music strikes a chord with me that, like you said, changed me once I listened.

    Although he is no longer with us, luckily we have bands like Furthur, the Rhythm Devils, Dark Star Orchestra, and several other names that are keeping the spirit of Jerry alive. I'm sure if Jerry were still around, he would be pleased.

    Peace, love and music. :smoke:
  3. ah i thought the 1st was his death lol.. oops funny how they are so close..

    good man great band.. his tunes are floating somewhere in the cosmos
  4. so true, the music never stopped :)
  5. Yeah, that's Jer-week. Gotta listen to as much Jerry as you can during that week, whether it's Grateful Dead, JGB, Old & In The way, The Pizza Tapes, whatever it is, you just gotta love the FAT MAN.

  6. Man I can't believe how few dead heads are on this forum. Pretty sad :(
  7. much love from above
  8. Rip jerryy
  9. i told you he was real, man.

    Jerry...thank you, man

    You're welcome , Brian

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