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Jerome Baker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Blazin Budz, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. my friend has a Jerome Baker bong and its byfar the best bong ive ever hit...he said it cost about $600...i wanna get one but he said they stopped making them.anyone kno why?
  2. o yea he also has a 4 tube hookah fixture that u can attach to it...its so amazing it got me soooooooooo high
  3. one of my friends has a tommy chong bong, and i really dont care who you think you are but NO ONE can milk+ clear it w/ out coughing your lung out.
    hes thinking of retinring it though cuz it was autographed by him and it keeps getting smudge marks
  4. Yeah they dont make jbs anymore. I have mine and i loooove it, its thick, great craftsmanship, beautiful. Its my favorite eventhough i got a new LUX with a percolater,ice and a diffuser... Smoothest ever. But back to jbs.. they are amazing. A headshop by my house actually has a stock of them. The owner sed something about they got caught sending weed with there bong shipment or sumthing... i duno, thats just wat iv heard. But if u find a jb, GET IT cuz it really surpasses the hype... It becomes like your baby more than any other piece.
  5. jerome bakers were discontinued because of that "operation pipe dreams" a little while ago when they busted chong too...the same with "Chills", the pipe and paper company
  6. At my shop we have been trying to get JB glass for a while but because we are in Canada, the U.S. law states that it cannot be shipped over state lines. Its legal to have glass in some states, even states that are side by side, but its illegal to send it across state lines, to another place where having glass pipes is legal. .... hmmmm.

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