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Jerking it in front of my dog

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by zro420, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. since i've been home from school, whenever i'm about to jerk it i always make sure that my dog is outside my room or outside of the house first, because i feel weird jacking off in front of him...it'd be like whacking it in front of my brother or something, or like one of my friends. same thing with having sex. can't do it in front of him.

    is this weird?
  2. Na I bust a load on my cat all the time.
  3. you're sick man!
  4. I once jerked it with my moms friends dog in the room, my back was turned so it didn't see what I was doing. But I had the sound on and it still felt kind of awkward.
  5. its weird to purposely jack off near animals. but its not that weird i guess to just not bother to move them
  6. And the dog is thinking......"and....They Call ME disgusting for licking my balls"
  7. It's only weird if your dog is your motivation.

    You could always put some peanut butter on your balls and let him lick them while you do you business. Dual stimulation.
  8. ^don't do that cuz that's wrong

    my dog is a nasty lil voyeur. pervert.
  9. No thanks.
  10. Better yet........., he can lick the peanut butter off the dogs balls
  11. Somethings only you should know. I understand being comfortable with yourself and those around you, but sometimes a sense of decorum is needed.

    Especially when you think to yourself "Jacking off in front of my dog" is a greeeeat conversation piece.

    It isn't.
  12. I fucked with my friends dog in the room

    the girl was like "omgggggggg the dog keeps looking at us"

    I really didn't give a shit and continued with my business

    shit was a lil weird though

  13. wow someone's a bore.
  14. Awkward thread is awkward. But I lock my dog out of my room when I'm about to jerk my monster.
  15. Hey man I'm down to talk about most anything depending on my mood, but some topics I just got to be. :eek::confused:
  16. The worst is when your jacking it and all of the sudden you feel your cat brush against your shin. Such a buzzkill.
  17. What's so disgusting/inappropriate about this?

    Do the same thing with my dog.

    Talking about masturbation shouldn't be taboo.
  18. I think the animals at least deserve to be kicked out of the room first. No need to confuse the hell out of them lol
  19. It's only weird if you're passionately looking your dog in the eyes while doing it.

    lol but seriously, I know what your saying. If he's chilling in the corner of the room sleeping or something I don't mind. But if he's just there looking at you like "what the hell is he doing" then it's distracting.

    I've also had sex while my dog was in the room, I thought it was kind of funny. My dog was just looking on in interest, but then eventually just laid down or something. I stopped paying attention.

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