Jeremy Lusk

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  1. yep. heard about this already. RIP.

    good rider, unfortunate that he died doing the same trick he almost died on, 2 years ago.
  2. what the fuck i knew he was in bad gcondition but i didnt know he dies. this sucks. he was one of the best FMXers out there right now.

    RIP the motocross community will feel this one
  3. Ya I saw the video. looks nasty his neck snapped back an his feet just about touched his head. I feel

    bad for his family. You don't like to see this happen, but when their doing these extreme sports it's

    only a matter of time before someone bites the bullet. Like when danny way ate it on the big air,

    takes cajones to do what they do. RIP
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    Wow, Just shows everyone that you never know what day will be your last. I'm sure everyone thought it would just be another contest for him until it all went the wrong way. RIP
  5. That video is gruesome

    The top of your skull should never touch the small of your back
  6. Damn dude, thats terrible. he was definetly a man among boys out there riding.
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    This is a video of him at the 2007 X Games doing the same trick that cost him his life, he fell almost the same way.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jeremy Lusk Crashes in 2007 (same trick as the one he died doing)[/ame]

    This is the fatal accident.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jeremy Lusk Last Jump Slow Motion[/ame]
  8. at first i felt bad but now after thinkin about it i have zero pity. i dont really watch x games or anything at all, but i just happened to catch him doing this trick at the 2008 games (or something like that) his mom and gf were there, more or less praying that he wouldnt die because of what happened the year before when he almost died doing the same trick. now he kills himself and there are two women who lost what is probably the most important things in their lives. pretty fuckin retarded if you ask me.
  9. man shut the fuck up, I just saw this video and read all about it, it was a freak accident, how many times do you see people die in motocross? very rarely, if at all. I guarentee his family supported him, he was a great racer, but the image of him laying there motionless is gonna be forever imprinted in their can't hate on someone that's dead, RIP, this shit is fucking sad.

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