Jeremy Lin! Why you no want cannabis strain named after you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stonefry, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. ReeferSmoke

    People these days:rolleyes:

    I would be so happy if my overrated n overpaid New York Knick-ass got named after some fire!
  2. How is he overpaid, he makes close to the league minimum..
  3. Because people who play sports are overpaid in general?

    Fuck the league minimum, they're making way more money than most people will there entire lives, for throwing a ball around.

    And don't quote its physicality as justification, because its not, all thats needed to rectify that is health insurance, and a little hazard pay.

    Moral of the story, if they get paid anywhere near or over 100K, a year, they are overpaid.
  4. I think that you and all of other people have a common misconception. While yes the league minimum is like 400k which is a ton of money yes. But the average player plays for like 3-5 years, a bunch of them dont have degrees, and some of them to be honest and not very smart. So after that short career what do they do.

    I'll give you that Lin does have a Harvard degree and would probably have a future outside of basketball. He also will probably get a much bigger contract soon, which will most likely make him overpaid.

    While yes they get paid a ton of money, I don't think it is absurd what the average player makes, given how long his career will probably be. (this is all based on averages haha).
  5. I made this thread to point out that this Jeremy Lin fool doesn't want a strain named after him and is ready to sue places that sells a $60/eighth OG strain named after him. i wouldn't care if they're makin money off my name like that, that's a compliment!:smoke:
  6. To be honest I don't think I would want a strain named after me unless I bred it myself or a friend did. I wouldnt want my name thrown on some random shit. Although it is weak that he wants to sue them.
  7. True but usually they don't sell random shit for 60 an eighth so it must be honorable
  8. hahaha you mad
  9. There actually underpaid for the amount of money that they generate
  10. He isn't underpaid, ever heard of endorsements?
  11. This just goes to show you there is nothing in a strain name anymore. People make up such bullshit just to sell it. If its good, they will come
  12. the league minium is like 500k lmao
  13. I would be mad if someone named a strain after me and it sucked. :mad:

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