jeremy and ashy im here at last

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by titsandbeer, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. wut up yall fools!! wut now wut now im here... the king of tits and bud is here right now!!!!!! my names chris and im the master of the clit! jay dont have shit on me!!!! wut up ashley and jeremyy how are you little potheads doing, well see everyone in the threads and hope u dont get sick of me!
  2. Welcome to the stoners paradise..
  3. hi chris baby!!!!! holy shit i didnt know u were gonna cum on here too!!! damn 2 friends in 2 days!!!! wow!!! lol!!! damn it was fun today when we lost track of time when we were supposed to go back to school but never made!! member amy was like "oh shit, what time does skool end!! jason fuck that up!!" oh shit i couldnt stop laughing!!! omg im so baked!!! IM me now!!!! i wanna talk to ur ass!!!

  4. I smell it, too!
  5. *Puts on deoderant*

    lol..ahh well..maybe they go to college :rolleyes:

  6. yeah...girls are all kinds into experimenting there :p sooooo much better!
  7. then maybe they go to 'special' college.
  8. WELL iddont care wut u all say cus we are all seniors and we are 18 :) exactly! ask my friends!
  9. damn you all.... you fools need to chill out!! we are all exactly 18 years of age and we are seniors in high school! *actually im 19, i flunked a grade*, ashley turned 18 a while ago and chris is 18 too!!!!! dont worry everyone!!!
  10. welcome to the city. frikkin pot heads. :)

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