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  1. So i've been hearing a lot about this shit lately. Anyone tried it? I did and all i did was get poo on my mouth. How were your experiences?
  2. your kidding right?
  3. dude. i saw like a raccoon. that had three penises. and then raped a tree.

    boyy. will i never touch that shit again.
  4. whatthefuck.
  5. every time i read poo it makes me laugh LOL i keep laughing
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    ^We call shitty weed around here "pooshit." Not sure why, but it's been like that as long as I can remember.

    Anyway, I know this idiot who tried jenkem. He showed up at my apartment one day looking grey as a fucking concrete wall, and I thought he was about to die or something. He stumbled through the door and was all messed up and saying bizarre shit. I thought he did some bad acid or shrooms or something, but then he flew into my washroom and puked all over (not in) my toilet. I didn't really care at the time, because I figured it was probably better it came out rather than stay in, and because he looked like absolute hell. Apart from the fact he felt like shit, though, he was honestly having a good time tripping out.

    I let him crash on my couch for a few hours until he got better. When I asked him what the hell was wrong with him, he said he "did some bad jenkem." Now, for those of you who don't know what jenkem is, it's shit. Literally. It's fermented fucking sewage, but this retard made his own from pissin' and crappin' in a bottle and leaving it in the sun for a few days, then he inhaled the methane gas emanating from it. I smacked him in the head and and asked what the hell was wrong with him. He just told me he read about it and wanted to try it. Fucking idiot....
  7. punny
  8. you are obviously significantly stoned. go to bed :)
  9. :rolleyes:
  10. how do you make real jenkem?! lol
  11. The same way I described in my post. Seriously.
  12. Poo and pee in a bottle with a balloon over the mouth of the bottle
  13. i know so how exactly is it bad jenkem? it's shit either way and that means it's stupid either way. methane gas is toxic so he was probably high off dead brain cells and stale fumesse ;)
  14. bout to smoke more :smoking: and in the words of arnold i'll be back
  15. Your mouth and breath smell/taste like shit for days. You tell me how bad.
  16. don't set ya self on fire boy, ya hear.....
    probably worse then datura lmao. the social humiliation would be unbearable. huffing fermented shit to get high. how stupid does that sound lolololol:rolleyes:
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    damm..wat have people came to,is there really people desprite enough to inhale there own shit an piss,god just thinking about it makes me want to throw up.

    if you could get a shitty high from eating shit im sure ppl would do it.
  18. dude jenkem has been around since the 90's, thank TOTSE and the children from Zimbabwe.
  19. how about shooting pure semen into your bloodstream to get high laalalahahahahaha
  20. That's just silly. Everyone knows you need to freebase semen to get high.

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