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  1. Does anyone really do this or done it?

    I searched "jenkem party" because I Heard of it and I almost got sick.
    I mean come on raw sewage....

    Do we really need to get high off of poo and piss fumes?
    I am sure people can get very sick from that, No?

    Please if I am making a mistake to what jenkem is then please inform me.
    However from what I read that"s what it is,

    began in Africa.

    Jeez, what some people do to get high!


  2. Chill out on the threads dude.
    This is a hoax, thankfully.
  3. Don't judge till you try it.
  4. It's bullshit (literally and figuratively). This is just another example of how clueless and ignorant the law enforcement is when it comes to drugs and getting high.

  5. cmon man are you for real....
    your saying this is fake?
  6. Yeah it was an internet hoax, some kid was stupid enough to try it and the sheriff caught him. Then Fox News was Fox News and made a bullshit story about it.

  7. wow how clever....he got attention

  8. mrphreez if you are on LSD. You should get off the computer and go have some fun! That's what I would do. The only reason I'm on here usually is when im noddin. Go have some fun dude! lol
  9. Ever heard of It takes like 5 seconds to search.

  10. im not on acid
    i dropped some x like 7 hours ago
    im relaxed and im having a blast!`
    lol my house is the shit and ive been rolling
    like 3 days in a row....home is were ill stay
    im so crisp when i pass out iwill be dead
    i walk out in the living room every once in a while
  11. Yeah I'm just all cosey and warm under blankets and posting on m girls laptop. Nodding nicely.
    GC is great on opies
  12. lol i like literally posted a thread bout this yesterday. i thought i was the only one who jsu heard of it haha
  13. I usually throw a sweatshirt on, sweats, and my slippers, right when i get home. Then comes the OC, then grasscity, haha
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    this is anther thread but i wont even think about posting another
    lol everyone would have a stroke! on sub and have been for 3 months
    havent took A opi for a while,,, sub works for me and mdma is my friend as well
    i just hated the withdraw of oxy and of course i still blaze the 42o! and always will
    but the opiates was too good!~ i abused them!to say the least!
  15. I feel ya. we're just curled up in blankets watchin movies and Im cruisin GC. Oh, and the loose clothes are a must.
  16. I'm a fan of, a internet humor site, and was introduced to Jenkem in febuary..

    Original linky

    ....It started with a message board post from a kid calling himself "Pickwick" (Shitbreath was already taken) where he claimed to have made and tried the poop fume drug "jenkem," a practice that supposedly originates from Africa.
    "Okay, so when you said you wanted to do some bowls, you meant actual... okay."
    Soon the boys in blue at the Collier County Sheriff's Office took action.
    They released a law enforcement bulletin claiming that "jenkem is now a popular drug in American schools" using the pictures that Pickwick had posted.

    The only problem, besides the idiotic assumption that because one kid in the country may have tried it, it was now "popular in American schools," was that Pickwick made it all up.

    His "jenkem" was actually a mixture of flour, water, beer, and Nutella. Nevertheless, the story spread like a foul stench through local media outlets and sheriffs' offices, until parents were told they should smell their kid's breath for shit when they came home.
    There is still no record of anyone in the U.S. doing this for real (that we can find). Here is where you'd be tempted to scold the rumor mongers for planting the idea and thus encouraging kids to try it. But we're guessing even with detailed instructions most of you wouldn't be tempted to start collecting fermented shit in your closet. Not for this, anyway.....​
  17. I do love the fact that my county's stupid ass police officers helped spread this bullshit lol
  18. Try it before you knock it bro, im addicted to that shit,

    its NOT fun
  19. Is that safe?
    I heard once a week is pretty bad but I've never done it so, what do I know?

  20. what is safe man?

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