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    Have yall heard about this? Bunch of idiot black kids beat an idiot white kid and got caught. Now they are being charge and going to jail and people want them to go free.

    Assault is a felony! We do not run in a vigilante revenge system in this country!
  2. lol, our country is so fucked up..... if it was 6 white kids beating up a black kid every person on this forum knows they would be locked up for a long time
  3. Edit: ^ Beat me to it, lol

    If 6 white kids beat up a black kid, everyone would want them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  4. I saw on the news there were thousands and thousands of blacks that went to that small ass town to protest today. They obviously don't have jobs or was an easy way for them to get off so going down and protesting sounds like a great way to waste a day.

    The only thing I disagreed with was some kids hung nooses up on a tree at the school where the white kid went. So that probably had something to do with it all.

    The bottom line is that they are criminals and they really are just perpetuating the stereotype of all blacks being criminals.
  5. It's a hate crime, no?

    It would be if it were the other way around
  6. Well this is a productive thread. Glad to see I can read such garbage at GC.
  7. if I was involved id get the needle or something
  8. i saw it on the news this morning...and was like "oh, theres something happening between races in louisiana..." to say the least, i was less than surprised...

    the more interesting story was my little brothers friend getting hit by a car while walking out of school for a cigarette :eek:
  9. i think its a litle rediculous i mean had it been them doing it to another black person no1 would care had it been white kids doing it to other white kids no1 would care but god forbid its black and whites it becomes a huge race issue i am not a racist but if a black kid were to piss me off and we fought doesnt make me a racist just means the person happend to start shit with me was black but i guess the world just cant handle that and needs to make a big deal out of shit like that
  10. its sad that no one here really knows what happened. First off at this school they had a "whites" tree. Where white kids sat under the tree and black kids weren't allowed. So the black kids went over to the tree the next day and the white kids put neuces on the tree. So thats why the black kids were angry, meaning this is a racial issue not just a random fight.
  11. This is a fucking school yard fight. Nothing more.

    People need to just stop the fucking crying and grow the fuck up. Give the god damn kids detention and let it be over with. Black, White, it doesnt matter.

    Sure, what those 6 did was bad, but what the white kids did with the fuckin nooses is just fucked up. Shouldnt that be intent to commit murder? I mean, it is a fucking noose. What else do you do with a noose besides kill people?

    Those cracka ass white boys should get the shit kicked outta them again, IMO. Seems like the black kids did nothing wrong except sit under a fucking tree. Whats so wrong with that?

    btw, im white. So dont flame me for callin them Cracka Ass Cracka's :D
  12. lol i aint even finna get on this topic..because im prolly one of the view black folks who be on this forum
  13. the noose thing was fucked up
  14. Regardless of how you all feel, I think that everyone can agree on this:

    Lets say its a nice summer day in a town where the majority of the population is colored.

    Then, a group of black kids decides to create a black tree. A couple white kids go and sit under it. The next day, the black kids do something like hang up a neuse or something similar. The white kids were pissed, so one day 6 white kids knock out a black kid, and kick him on the ground till he is unconscious.

    EVEN with the blatant racism against whites, STILL I bet your ass the white kids would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Also, I bet you that celebrities wouldn't donate $10,000 for the white kids attorneys, I bet you that huge associations wouldn't donate thousands of more dollars for attorney fees. I bet you there wouldn't be a protest in which an upwards of 60,000 people were going to attend. I bet you petitions receiving almost 400,000 signatures wouldn't be made in defense of the white kids. I bet you huge white political figures wouldn't step up and speak in the white kids defense. (This was all stuff that happened in the Jena case)

    Why? Because sticking up for a white kid who beats up a black kid is considered evil and unthinkable, even under the same circumstances (blatant racism against the whites). But, sticking up for the black kids, (even while they were obviously just kicking a kids ass who deserved it) is heroic and touching.

  15. How did I know before reading the article that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be involved in this.

    Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton - Tag teaming to keep racism alive since 1969
  16. I understand...

    For real, if i was getting harrased just becouse i was black, being antagonized CONSTANTLY, being held at gun point, getting beer bottles smashed over my head JUST becouse i was black, not being able to go to a party becouse it was a white only party....

    Id have busted dudes mother fucking ass even worse. Im white, i dont give a fuck. Racism needs to fucking end bad.

    This shit is the kinda shit MLK stood up for, and to know its still going on like that, he must be in heaven sobbing. MLK, im here with you! People need to just get along, and stop being scared, and ignorant about what you truely dont understand. That in itself is ignorance. Color is only skin deep, think about a persons mind and soul.

    I am color blind, and i love it.

    I hate humans.

  17. MLK would have been ashamed of these boys. He preached and practiced nonviolence.
  18. I agree.

    At my high school there was an Asian Culture Club. If I started a White Culture Club, what would the school think of me? They'd think I was a Nazi.

    I don't hate any particular races in general, but I hate black organizations. If segregation is wrong, then there should be no allowances for a black only anything. Same goes for white only.

    Like it or not, all of these racial problems started with the slave trade. Europeans brought Africans to America during the slave trade, pretty much ruining the natural course of technological and sociological evolution in Africa. Which is why there is so much war and genocide going on today.
  19. African leaders sold many of the slaves to the Europeans though...
  20. The principal should have gotten on the phone the the governer and brought the national guard into the situation long before it escalated this far.

    The kids wanna fuck around like that then it's MARTIAL LAW.

    We go to school to fucking LEARN. Not to fuck around, not to "clique up", not for any other stupid shit than to LEARN.

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