Jelly grow?

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  1. So I'm curious if weed would have any benefit from a concoction of minerals, oligosaccharides, peptides, amino and organic acids, phytohormones, phenolics, and sucrose?

    Yes, I understand that some are nesisary for plant growth but would weed in General benefit or thrive is suck a makeup?

    (Thinking about a gel or sapy medium for a grow) (experiment) (maybe as a supplement)

    Might be mixed with some gel stuff that holds water... ( 1 cup with 5 gallons of water will turn a bucket to jelly)

    What's your thoughts?

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  2. it's gotta get oxygen
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  3. I guess if you found a way of getting oxygen to the roots while still keeping the structure of the gel, it may have a chance at working.

    It would take a container with a gas permeable membrane to contain the gel and still allow enough air to pass through its walls, a nutrient medium gel with a crystal lattice structure to allow the formation of cavaties in the gel itself for air, and the gel would have to be porous to allow the air/oxygen to flow through it.

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  4. Why gel?
  5. Sounds a lot like an idea based on tissue culture to me, that's been chatted about recently in this thread:

    New Commercial Grow / Nursery

    Micropropagation / tissue culture keeps things in a gel; thing is, everything then gets hardened off to grow in proper medium, so whilst this is great for storing genetics, mass producing and transporting clones, I don't think it'd be suitable as an alternative to a grow media as you'd have no control over the gel once it's made, so couldn't ammend the feed as you normally would for bloom etc...

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