jehovah's witnesses are coming to my house

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  1. just like the title says, after talking with a pair of jehovah's witnesses a few times they took it to the next level and now want to start coming over regularly to discuss the teachings of the bible. i was just entertaining these guys with conversation but now it's like they want me to be their student or something. kinda weird. i'm going to let them come over and sit and talk for awhile but if things get weird i will tell them that i am simply discussing the nature of things and that i am not interested in being converted to any religion.

    does anyone have experience with these people? i know they are some form of christianity but they seem to have their own bible. personally i'm not super interested in the bible but i figure this will be a positive learning experience if nothing else.

    i am really hoping they have some grand point beyond just knowing the bible really well.
  2. they always give me a pamphlet about us being in the end of times. It interests me but the people themselves kind of annoy me.

    but yea. they never invited themselves to return. They just quoted a few scriptures hand me a pamphlet and they leave.
  3. You weren't aware of the JW stereotype? Give them an inch they take a mile...most people just shut the door right away

  4. That is one certifiabliy retarded religion if there ever was one. They're almost as bad as Scientologists, who give a bad name to ologists everywhere:laughing:
  5. Destroy them. Find out everything you can about religion and kill their faith in God. Then as they are riding away crying, you can throw rocks at them
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    these guys aren't punctual at all. he told me 11:30 so i got up before i normally do to set out a table and chairs with water and glasses. normally we just sit on the floor around here but i don't want to invite them inside so i figured i would set up a traditional little conversation table on the patio and now these guys are gonna roll up half an hour late to their own discussion?

    i guess i wasn't aware of the stereotype lol. i was just reading that they are notorious for handing out those pamphlets. i seriously have like 5 laying around. i just don't see what the idea is. i would guess they are looking to convert me and get me to try and spread these books around door to door as well. it's just sort of odd..i mean, this is what these people do. door to door god.
  7. ^^LOOOOL omg


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