Jeffs Mini CFL stealth grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jeffar420, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Yes I am back and my plans are in action :)

    Heres the details, I am starting off with two bagseeds and keeping one depending on the sex. I got off to a bad start because I germed the seeds, put them in a pot once they popped and left for toronto.. they looked like they were dieing but are now in ship shape.

    If you want to kno anything about my cab ALL the details and questions are answered here..

    So as you can see there is a pop can with red tape and green tape, not much to look at now but I will continue to post pics up, comments are GREATLY appreciated :smoking: :wave:

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  2. im doin the same shit mine are about 1.5 weeks old il get some pics
  3. The sides of those CFL's will put out more light than the tops. You should move them down so that the side of the cfl is by the side of of the plants top.

  4. WORD SON! :wave:
  5. Some updated pics for everyone :D

    I beleive it is around day 4, I have been having problems with the temps being a little high and thats with only 2 bulbs on (the 6500K's)

    I have been giving them little shots of water instead of one big watering for a couple days, i dont kno wether to continue this or start full waterings..

    Do they look right for 4 days?

    Thanks everyone:smoking:

    edit: as you can see i put a different light in there so that the side of the bulb is hitting both plants.

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  6. what do you have that computer fan hooked up to?

    and looking good, keep it up!

  7. An old charger, I just hooked it up and I can plug it into the wall.

    I moved that fan from being directly on the wall so there is an inch of space there now and it dropped the temps. drastically and the fan is stonger.

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