Jefferson Airplane... funny 60's marijuana reference

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  1. Hey folks... I was just browsing around youtube checking out some songs I enjoy and came across this video. Its from 1967 and its the recording from a TV show. You just know they're talking about weed at the beginning its hilarious and surprised me! Also between songs. Check out the like the first 20 seconds at least.

    [ame=]Somebody To Love/White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane - YouTube[/ame]
  2. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was loaded with those...does anyone remember the recurring sketch "Share A Little Tea With Goldie," starring a character called "Goldie Keef"?

    That show aired on Sunday evenings from 9-10 pm (Eastern) on CBS-TV, right after the hugely-popular Ed Sullivan Show.

    Several years earlier, the brothers Smothers did get busted for Indiana, of all places IIRC.
  3. haha oh man thats crazy! Ive never heard of that show but Im going to check more into it now that I have the name.

    "I want you to throw that fuckin' radio... into the tub with me.
    Fuck ! You've gone completely sideways, man."

  4. Happy also had guest stars like The Doors, The Who...and one of the show's writers & recurring rep players was a young Rob Reiner (before he started doing All In The Family & going on to his own career in film).

    It aired from January of 1967 to January of '69, when CBS abruptly cancelled it. (The Smothers' sued CBS & won, after some years of legal battles...other sources online have more about that)

    Once again...happy hunting! (And have a BIG laugh when you see/hear the stuff they got past the CBS censors!)
  5. 67 was heaven.

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