Jeff Dunham is not funny

Discussion in 'General' started by Predator1, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. hes on Comedy Central right now... the stand-up ventriloquist.

    Am I the only person who finds this guy painfully unfunny? Everyone I know just cant get enough of him. I turned off the TV when I heard him. I usually leave the TV on for some white noise while Im internetting, but goddamn it I just find this guy completely unbearable. Anyone else? :mad:
  2. Considering he's a ventriloquist I'll give him some slack and say he's not so bad.

    I don't laugh at his jokes but he doesn't give me the urge to brutally beat him to death with his puppets like other ventriloquists.
  3. Yeah he is pretty much unbearable.
  4. Yeah, he's not funny. He's a good ventriloquist, but that doesn't make him funny.
  5. Actually he's a fucking incredible ventriloquist. I've never seen anyone do the kinds of voices he can.

    But yeah his standup sucks.
  6. yeahh, he isnt funny. but when there isnt anything else on tv, id watch him.
  7. he used to be, but he sold out bigtime
  8. he's a funny mo fo

    i don't really like the dead terrorist

    or his "manager" puppet, big daddy kane i think his name is

    peanut and the old dood r the best

    and the jalapeno on a stick

    he should have the old dood's wife as his next character
  9. I like it. Skylar brothers are alot better if you're looking for something a little different then Dane Cook standing on a podium.
  10. i dont think hes funny but have you seen daniel tosh he is fucking hilarious
  11. I think peanut and Walter are funny.. the rest.. meh.
  12. i fuckin love je fa fa Dun Ham. cracks me up... not all of it is great but who is... he's certainly better than kat williams...
  13. I used to like him, but he got old.
  14. peanut and walter are hillarious, akhmed can get a laugh or two out of me. The rest of it not so much.

    I enjoy watching his stuff, especially when I'm baked.

    Russel Peters, Adam Ferrara, and a couple of unknowns are my favorite though. Ron whites funny as well. I don't like Mencia at all.

    Dave Chappelle is pretty funny.
  15. I'm at loss as to why Mencia was ever on the air, and why he is getting another season.
  16. Can't watch him.
  17. I can't stand him.

    Katt Williams, Daniel Tosh are where it's at.
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    peanut is the shit

    that i cannot deny
    but yea, he's not the best...

    demetri martin is my favorite comedian though. he cracks me the fuck up
    I can't wait to see his new show
  19. I think the guys got some fucking talent. Some of his shit IS funny, but hes not THAT funny.

    As for Mencia, hes complete shit, I dont know why he was even famous for his 15 minutes, but he sucks fat dick.
  20. Dunnnn Hammmm is fucking awsome.

    Maybe his newer shit isnt as good but watch his old shows where he does less talking by himself, and uses better puppets then his new ones.

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