Jeeze! What does it take to get some rep around here!

Discussion in 'General' started by ...Spliff!, May 22, 2006.

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  1. I\'ve been here for a little less than a month and I\'ve tried to be helpful and whatnot but my rep isn\'t getting anywhere!

    So, what does it take to get some rep around here! :hello:

  2. DONT ASK FOR REP! -rep!

    just kiddin.
    you could post pics of bud that you picked up. you could post pics of your pipe collection. your more likely to get +rep with pics.
  3. post hella pics of some awesome shit

    like, your diggity-dank
    or your piggity-piece

    or of some hot chicks :p

    EDIT: damnit, beat me to it
  4. Or just be sexy as hell like me
  5. rep system don\'t mean shit anyways...
  6. Don\'t ask for it because then all the litte snerts around here will only give you neg reps. Ya know cause some people just have to be assholes.
  7. very true

    havent seen you around in a while YBCS, how you doing?
  8. u gotta be cool as shit
  9. i always thought you got rep if you dressed in all leather and rode a harley...:confused_2:
  10. Never ask for it, Shit.
  11. You forgot your html!!!!

  12. You feel me man, be a cool dude you know wat im Sayin
  13. don\'t ask for rep bla bla you think thats what i was gona say but here have some rep+, it means nothin to me. glad i could help
  14. Yeah, I know what you mean Spliff, rep is strict around and it saddens me, because even the little bit of rep makes me feel special. :(

    I\'m going to go buy some expensive dank, buy expensive pieces/bongs, wrap a disgusting looking braided joint and post pics of hot girls and hope for the best! :p
  15. Rep doesn\'t matter... it\'s just a novelty. You have to be knowledgable and go out of your comfort zone and eventually someone will appreciate it.

    Or maybe nobody likes you. It could really, just be your personality.

    I\'m not trying to diss on you or anything, hell I haven\'t even seen you on the forums. But a month isn\'t a very long time, and my advice is to chill.

    It\'s a MJ forum... chillin\' is what we do best. So, indulge.

  16. Im not gonna do it .. but i bet this isnt the best way .. casue everyones gonna -rep :\\ .. DONT ASK FOR IT NOOBIE! o_O
  17. yes, rep does not matter. I like getting it sure, haha, but if i still had 1 bar i wouldnt care.
  18. Rep doesn\'t matter, and don\'t ask if you want some. When you aren\'t looking for it and just being helpful or funny then you might get some. Does anyone know how many rep points u actually get from someone giving you +rep?
  19. varies from user to user

    depends on time here, post count, and rep they have

    100 points to get another bar

  20. i give like, 35 points i think. tokin gives like, 47 or 57. indy and rmjl gives 100.

    it just depends like, if the person who gives it to you has alot more rep than you, it will give more, if they have the same, it will be a little more than usual, if lower, it will be just a few points

    for instance, i had like 460 rep points two days ago, i got 5 new + reps since then, and it only went up to 520 or something.
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