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Jeebis's ALBANY, NY medical-from-the-street PICKUP THREAD! new pics, new pickups.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jeebis, May 4, 2011.

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    Well, now that I have a decent camera, I now can prove that Albany reaps the benefits of amazing bud. I need medical for multiple reasons (doctor-diagnosed migraines, insomnia, and Witmaack-Ekbom Syndrome) so every 2/3 weeks my guy gives me a nice ounce of the 518's finest.
    without further stalling.......

    CHEMDOG! very very very strong diesel phenotype. The only way I can describe it is real sour diesel's kush brother. It has that heavy indica taste with heavy diesel overtones. it's a knockout hybrid. mental relaxation with all the couch-locking fun.


    GREEN CRACK! exactly what it sounds like. delightfully delicious, heavy body effect, but functional in the best way. smells like sunshine. I find myself smoking a lot more of this once i finish (i.e. chasing a j with a bowl, or a bowl with another bowl, etc).


    i also have some unknown skunk hybrid + some hash sitting in my little jar that i'll grab pics of after i finish my 20 page research project (causes, domino effect, and future predictions of the current north african/arab shenanigans. sadly, i was the one who came up with the terms of the paper.)

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    in need of something to procrastinate with, I bring you pictures:

    Skunk x ?: Has that distinct skunky cheese smell and a really distinct "skunk-like" high (To me, skunk/skunk crosses always have a distinct hybrid high that I cant describe...not unlike Thai or Diesel strains) but a really significant couch locked indica-ness to it. It's odd. Great bud, but odd, lol. (and yes i couldn't keep the camera that stable. I have an overactive nerve disorder, fuck off, lol)


    Hash: Lemony, spicy, true one-hit-wonder. a little coating on a bowl has me numb and zombie-esque for a few hours (and I have a huge tolerance, so that's saying alot).


  3. Keep it up bro
  4. thanks + rep. I'm cleaning my luke wilson tube then i'll post some more pics later.
  5. nice buds my friend, keep posting!
  6. thanks man + rep.

    boredom results in a packed bowl, perfectly rolled pinner of chemdog, and a stealth spliff for the girlfriend (she lives on campus at a different school in albany, so i'll roll her a pack of spliffs)


    and thats my favorite bowl. super thick glass, locally blown, massive bowl, hits like a monster, and I bought it on my 18th birthday so it allows me to reminisce, lol
  7. Decided to take a better picture of the skunk x ?

  8. Fire..I go to college out here in Albany and can never get my hands on this kind of stuff
  9. #9 Jeebis, May 5, 2011
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    that's sad, lol. i was born/raised/(and currently) educated here. most people i know (myself included) find it ALOT easier to get dank then mids and beasters. Hell, I only can get them because my guy, as of recent, has mids to roll j's and dutches with.

    which school? i know for a fact siena and SUNY are flooded with dank, but also with a large amount of mids. i know not of the other schools (st. rose, sage, union, rpi, nsrt, etc).

    i also think the high schools have more dank than anything else, but i could be wrong. it's been awhile, lol
  10. Looks like good picks ups, keep up the good toking!
  11. lol the all seeing Hash EYE
  12. someone had to say it, lol.
  13. #13 Jeebis, May 8, 2011
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    HUZZAH!!!! payday = new pickups!

    "Kush": Whenever my guy doesn't know the strain, he just calls it kush or haze based on absolutely nothing. It's absolutely phenomenal. it's some awesome hybrid that does the job phenomenally.


    Some crazy ass purple stuff:. same situation as the kush, but it's just some crazy ass purple stuff.

  14. glad to see someone else from the 518 reppin fine buds!
  15. duuuude sick buds!. so frosty :). check out some of my posts if ya wanna see what i get over in ohio
  16. someone has to!
  17. Some super nice barneys farm LSD grown in the 518...super dank



  18. ^Beautiful plant man
  19. Albany represent!

    Try to get ahold of some hash oil man
  20. thanks bmxboyzz this stuff was fire and had crazy resin.

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