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  1. Jedi religion happens to be the 4th biggest religion in UK. As I was reading into this religion, I found a small error; Jedi is NOT allow to marry since it is against the Jedi code, and yet, this religion allows it? hmm.

    In addition to this topic, a man that wears a hood was kicked from the job centre. Then gets a apology.

    I should wear a terrorist clothes due to my religion belief; any person who is in terrorist group have to completely cover their clothing from the exposure of the heat via the devil. I shall not get burn from the devil otherwise it will take my SOUL! No, I refuse to remove my mask!

  2. Sith > Jedi :cool:

    There is no peace, there is only passion.
  3. not surprising..
  4. What's the problem here? :confused_2:
  5. well atleast we know that NO one can ever be classified as above a Jedi Initiat, to become a padawan you MUST have light sabre training, and to be a knight you must build your own is there jus a huge council of Initiats searching for the Midichlorian connection..... I'd rather follow the Assassin's Creed, in short "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted"
  6. Weak ass Jedi.

    A Knight of the Old... Welfare State?

    Couldn't even use force persuasion on the civil servant... :shakes_head:
  7. And besides, even Jedis don't wear their hood all the time. Only when they attempt to go covert. Or their ears freeze or whatever. Or if they're a Sith Emperor with some facial disfiguration...


  8. Indeed. I find his lack of faith... disturbing.
  9. "It's my religion, I'm a Jedi Knight"
  10. hahHAHAH,I love it :laughing:

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