Jedi or Empire?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Erkrez, May 27, 2010.

  1. So I just finished watching the original trilogy and I remembered the old discussions I had about which was better Jedi or Empire?
    I always opted for Empire but was wondering what other people thought about them.
  2. There is no question. The Empire FTW
  3. jedi

    Even though the empire always had the better shit they just sucked at using it. do you fuck that up.
  4. I'm assuming you're asking which movie was better, not which orginization.

    If so, Empire.
  5. cept it should be Rebels vs Empire. Jedis v Dark Side makes more sense. and the rebels were bitches. the jedis were kinda wussy too. so Empire for sure. woulda pwned the universe irl.
  6. I prefer Jedi. Empire is actually my least favorite of the first trilogy.
  7. ^^^^ I agree. Jedi was my fav as well. Empire was kinda boring and seemed long. Maybe cause it was a filler between the 1st and jedi.
  8. So i just realized OP was talking about the on my part.
    Yeah, Jedi is the superior film. Empire is good though. just watched all 3 this past weekend. Jedi wins.

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