jedi mind trick

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Zylark, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. this is not the thread you are looking for... you may hit the back button now :D
  2. this isnt the thread im looking for.

    move along, move along.
  3. HAHAHAHAHA b funny 2 c how many click here
  4. i got a virus and it erased my back button.....WTF am i going to do, SHIT!!

    ..::runs away screaming::..
    ..::sits back down::..
    ..::runs away again::..
  5. you do not desire my brownie...
  6. I have a back button on my mouse, goddamn this mouse in comfortable.
  7. I want a mouse that gives you a hand massage
  8. lucky i'm not weak minded or i wouldnt be able to post here.
  9. digit, little do you know i used my own jedi strength to force to you post that against your will, without my help, you wouldnt have been able to.
  10. *uses his will power to resist posting*

  11. i think that bush nay seem like a retard but maybe he's doin crazy jedi mind triks on us :(

    you didn't want to read this theard, you want to sighn up for cloudmans minions
  12. what! this isn't the thread I wanted! I'm gonna go back now.
  13. c a n ' t s t o p . . . Y O D A H E L P . . . ! ! !
  14. rescue to come i am

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