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Jean Guy Oz Pickup - Canadian Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 420Poak, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. #1 420Poak, Jul 19, 2014
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    Picked up an oz of Jean Guy yesterday for 160$.
    I love this bud, it's some really potent sativa.
    Post comments!


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  2. beautiful buds for a great price, well done on the pickup 
  3. Gorgeous marijuana OP
  4. \tJean Guy 
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    Strain Name:
    Jean Guy
    Sativa dominant (approx 90/10 : sat/ind)
    Very light green, fluorescent orange hairs, looks very natural and crawling with THC.
    Sour citrus smell, very dank.
    Lightly sour and very smooth while inhaling, however a little harsh on the exhale.
    Sativa kicks in right away, you feel an intense elevation of your center of gravity towards your head. You are amazed by your surroundings and you take the time to enjoy them.
    Pretty potent in the sense that the high hits before the end of the spliff and lasts very long
    Reviewed by:
    Good Strain For: Relaxing and lifting the weight of the world of your shoulders, enjoying the small things in Life, and of course, wake and bake.
  5. thanks guys 
    and @[member="Old School Smoker"], this review you posted is pretty accurate
    Thanks for posting it 
    And jean guy is a local strain
  6. Nice OP...:cool:
    Yeah...quite prominent in Quebec...not so much so in Ontario...supposed to be nice..
    I'll find some and try it some day...:)
  7. What are the genetics on this guy? Beautiful shit man
  8. would love to get my hands on some of that, and 160 for an ounce of that dank? Hard to beat that
  9. #9 420Poak, Jul 20, 2014
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    I just realised I forgot to post these macro shots - see for yourself
    @[member="AtownMan"] Genetics are White Widow x Unknown

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  10. Some of the best looking shit ive ever seen in my life. And for the price of what i pay for half an ounce.. damn man.

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  11. Nice jeans, guy.
  12. damn, i'm jealous hahah. i'm also from Canada and i happened to stumble across this strain about a year ago and I fell in love instantly. the taste was amazing. mmmmmm
  13. He's not your guy, buddy.

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  14. I'm not you're buddy, guy!
  15. That looks beautiful

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  16. Thanks for the comments 
    I agree it tastes amazing.. great strain overall. Glad I hapenned to be picking up an oz this time
  17. I think I need to move to Canada 😍

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  18. This looks unreal
  19. I'm not your guddy, buy!
  20. I'm not your cuddy, bye!

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