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  1. What the fuck is this emotion? This feeling, this god damned feeling, jealousy. I've experienced jealousy concerning every girlfriend I've ever had. I am, clearly, a jealous guy. But why? I wouldn't consider myself an especially insecure individual, however, thoughts of betrayal constantly haunt my mind. The slightest affection shown between my girlfriend and any other guy sets off alarms in my head. It can drive me fucking nuts. I guess my jealousy could be defined as an unreasonable pessimism in regards to intimate relationships.

    Is this feeling common amongst others? Not necessarily angry at my jealousy, merely trying to understand and come to terms with this trait.

    Forgive me for being greedy but I'm going to post this thread in both the general and the spiritualality and philosophy threads. I want the philosophical responses from the latter thread, I also seek the general thread because I am a man that appreciates instant gratification, and I wanna discuss this issue now damnit!

  2. Primal instincts, to keep your "pack" in check. You can't conquer you're animal side entirely.

    My 0.02.
  3. I feel pretty similar to you. I think most people have to deal with it. It's really tough. I think the only calming thing would be to think that your girlfriend/boyfriend is completely happy with you, and wouldn't think of cheating etc on you.
    It's tough man.
  4. I get jealous a bit if I think about it too much.

    But a good remedy is to solve your own self-esteem issues. I tend to think I'm the shit at everything, so if there's some guy competing with me over a girl I tend to think the girl will naturally want me over the guy, so I don't get jealous if I see some loser try to hit on my girl.

    One area where having a big ego may actually have a positive effect on my mental health :D
  5. i hate that emotion

    it's the cause of so many problems
  6. She is probabally doing your best mate.

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