Jealous of you other members

Discussion in 'General' started by kcsov6, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. On another account I asked you to do the same search? So you banned ANOTHER person for no reason at all?

    You still haven't proved I am a previous member. I didn't lose anything, I won. You haven't proved I'm another member. Having a similar name as someone else doesn't mean I am that person.
  2. Trying too hard to defend it makes you look guilty, just tell him to fuck off and move on if he's really wrong.
  3. He got banned lol :laughing:
  4. [quote name='"SIRSOG"']on another account you asked us to perform the same search

    changing your IP does NOT equal ban proof, sorry, you lost[/quote]

    Lmao, his JesusGotBaked account seemed legit until he made that troll thread about being arrested for selling a bong. I've saw like 3 similar names since that one got banned

  5. On another account, you know making more than 1 is against the rules
    and on the other account, YOUR IP MATCHED A BANNED MEMBERS

    so you failed, get the fuck over it

    why am i talking to a banned member... sigh
  6. Thanks for ruining the thread i was going to make a funny comment but instead ill laugh at JesusGotStoned being banned... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  7. lol i was reading this and saw the little "banned" thing under his pic and was like

  8. What the fuck are you talking about? Don't go accusing me now.

  9. Lol i quoted the wrong post, my bad
  10. This thread took an interesting turn lol
  11. [quote name='"kcsov6"']This thread took an interesting turn lol[/quote]

    And it was dead until you bumped it
  12. My thread, forgot about it, been blazing, I owe a few ppl some replies on here that I'm getting to
  13. [quote name='"kcsov6"']My thread, forgot about it, been blazing, I owe a few ppl some replies on here that I'm getting to[/quote]

    Oh, I figured you were just random dude trying to be a dick lol
  14. I hate bringing this back, but didn't want to start up another thread on the same premise, but can you petition or anything to get your state to vote on MMJ?
  15. Lol nah man, I just was high the other day, saw that Jesus guy getting bashed and I was like I'll let this die down, n forgot about stuff
  16. lol jesusgotstoned made a video for this .

    he said the admins are taking too much power

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