Jealous of people In legal states?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Yoda23467, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. How Is It fair that we have to go through so much bullshit to get weed when they get to walk In damn store and get the best stuff free from dangerous pesticides and chemicals. Am I the only one who Is insanely jealous of people living In a state where they can buy It In a store Instead having to hit some dude up that sells stuff totally unregulated that could literally have anything on It. Will It ever be legal like alcohol Is? I mean will Americans In all 50 states every get the freedom to buy weed legitimately. Why doesn't the Democratic Party promise to legalize Federally as part of their platform In 2020? Any thoughts?
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  2. If it bothers you so much grow your own, I've never smoked weed with chemicals in it you need to find yourself a reliable dealer..
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  3. @Yoda23467
    It's still a free country. Pack up your act and leave town for greener skies in another state. You won't be the first and damn sure not the last to get out of a red state for a green one.
    Consider yourself lucky to live in a time frame where you actually do have places you can use the weed and not risk jail.
    Unlike when I got arrested on a felony charge for 2 seeds back in 1972.
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  4. Just because it's in a dispensary doesn't make it good. Plenty of over priced, gang ran, horrible shops out here. The fully legal ones include tax, imagine paying 300 an oz now add 50 dollars tax to that, drop the quality and there's your legalization. You still have to look far and wide for good prices, product. A whole new aspect comes into play with collectives, along with new problems to deal with. Ever been rushed by your dealer? Well imagine getting rushed in a weeed shop, told your not buying enough etc. Dont feel too bad.
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    Not sorry
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  6. You keep mentioning Lysol on several of my posts. What's your deal dude?
  7. You honestly can get better and cheaper weed from the black market. People that live in legal states can only get like an ounce or two maybe. on the black market you can get a pound with ease.
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  8. fuck dispensaries i refuse to pay out the ass for something i can grow myself
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  9. isnt that the truth
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  10. I feel like when the laws changed in Washington a few years back and went full recreational general bud quality went down, prices went up, and everything was pre packaged after that which sucks. Dispensaries before would hook it up and always throw in a few extra grams and give crazy deals, especially if they liked you. Now it's a lot more regulated, they watch every gram going in and out. 10$ a gram used to be a joke and buy me no less than an 8th from my dispensaries, now it's the standard. And I feel like I deal with a lot of really uneducated budtenders now. There was one lady once who was recommending a strain to me and I asked what it tasted like and she said she's never smoked before. Like why would you work in a dispensary then? That was a while ago though. As far as "chemical free" goes, some of the cheaper dabs you get from dispensaries are not good. Tasting or for you. Might taste like plastic, but it works right? And you don't really know what they use to grow their bud, the label might show the growers company but not their nutrient line, soil, etc. As far as what they use as nutrients, I'm almost 98% sure they don't use Lysol or anything of that sort:smiley-rolling-joint:
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  11. That is why government weed is no good. You can get weed on the streets alot cheaper and better than that store crap. The stores have all these funky weed names but you cant get quantity like you want
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  12. forgot to mention. Taxes.
    Fuck a bunch a taxes
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  13. Democratic or republican makes no difference, they're both the same damn party. Check out libertarian party. They represent freedom at its full extent, including with cannabis. I ditched the republican/democrat two party scam long ago. They disagree about topics that are irrelevant when you look at the grand scheme, but they both have the same endgame in mind.

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  14. Mo

    Send your legislators an e-mail, call them when they're at lunch and beleaguer them on the capitol steps. And when it does get on the ballot, go out and vote on the matter instead of sitting at home and playing Resident Evil while eating potato chips like a stoner. :GettingStoned:
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  15. not really jealous until the feds get out of it as they still have the threat of federal persecution. alot of states have proposals to protect you but at the und of the day they are still just proposals. closing our eyes doesnt make the problem go away and proposals dont keep us out of federal jails
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  16. Lol how do you smoke a pound a month? I mean why would anyone need to buy a pound for personal use unless you only consume serious CbD concentrates strictly medical.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  17. I live in a medical state. The requirements to get a card are still too much for most people. I'm fortunate (???) enough to have cancer, so I qualify.

    The way I see it, almost full recreational legalization isn't too far down the road. There will always be a few holdouts, but I think it's coming big time, and soon. The reason is simple, money. I live in Illinois and the state is in big financial trouble. Taxes are so high that companies are leaving in droves. The only chance the state has to survive long term is new revenue streams. And recreational isn't a stream, it's a fucking river.

    Look at the way it's spreading on the west coast. Once a neighboring state goes recreational, it puts a lot of pressure on the politicians. They can't keep raising taxes when the other states are lowering or at least not raising them. Like I said, there will be some holdouts. But it's coming.
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  18. I did not say that i smoke a pound a month. my point is that people can get large quantity at a great price on the black market
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  19. That's the one thing that's really lacking from what I've seen. Again, I'm in a medical, not recreational state. But eighths are the norm for flower. You seldom even see quarters. The only time I've seen halfs are popcorn bud. And I think I've seen a full ounce on the inventory sheet twice in the last year.

    But even if they wanted to do it, they couldn't sell much larger quantities. There is a limit of 2 and half ounces over 2 weeks that patients are allowed to buy, though I have heard of a few people that have had that limit raised. And the state still has no clue how to calculate that limit when you talk wax and vape pens. It's a real mess.
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  20. here its rec legal 1 ounce per shop ,so you could hit up 8 shops with 8 trips back home staying legal
    also 1 ounce max in car ,8 ounces max at home unless your med than its 24 ounces per shop......

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