Jealous of America.

Discussion in 'General' started by R0Y5TON, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Maaaan I'm so jealous of you Americans. Whenever I get high I always go on goggle maps and look on street view and visualise what it would be like to live there.

    Its not so much as your government or anything but your landscape and the weather. Damn England sucks. You get swampy exotic around Florida. Desertyness in the middle and cool canyons and on the west you get perfect weather and a nice life style.

    What Ide do to live there..
  2. America is awesome!

  3. i would gladly trade places with you. america sucks really bad. and i live in florida, its not at all what its cracked up to be. its hot all year long and the humidity is ridiculous.
  4. america, fuck yah!!!!
  5. Yeah the LAND is amazingly beautiful here.

    The govt is out of control and now doing illegal stuff to it's citizens.

    I'd trade in a heartbeat to live in a place where the people feel worthy.

    Here in America, were just seen as fuxking income.
  6. I'd rather be homeless in switzerland than middle class here.
  7. Fuck Amerikkka.
    This cuntry (<-- no typo) is going straight to hell.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. how are those cameras treating you Mr UK?
  10. Yeah bruh, America isn't so great. The "American dream" is only what foreigners believe in.
  11. I would leave America in a heartbeat if I could, ive lived in Texas, Florida, and now Ohio. I'm miserable here, always wondering what the government is going to do next to fuck me over.

    America sucks unless your a wealthy elite.
  12. i like how you completely left out the middle of the country...i don't blame you, the entire thing is corn for like 2000 miles.
  13. Dude your totally have the wrong selection of states if your going with Florida....

    Its so DAMN muggy and as you even said... "swampy" Its so damn humid you cant even breathe in the morning. I come from "swampy" Long Island and I HATE florida..
  14. I don't really mind living here.. obviously I am one of the few. I've been to other countries and I still would prefer America.
  15. It's not so much people hate their lives it's what surrounds us constantly. Truly a jungle and you watch your ass and all you've got is family and friends....youve got to feed your family it's you and then there is everybody else that needs to feed their families when we got f'd over financially at any turn. It's the dream alright.
  16. lolol at all the americans america bashing. i bet you have no idea why you even hate america and the government. stop jumping on the anti-america bandwagon.

    but yeah the land here is awesome. i love the Shenandoah Valley in virginia and obviously states like colorado, washington and oregon are beautiful. it's a pretty sweet place to live.
  17. I live in the upper midwest and it sucks balls I wanna move out to Denver or phoenix hopefully that'll be better then where i live now

  18. idk about the other posters but ive hated america for years... and for many different reasons. mainly imperialism which covers a lot of the other stuff.
  19. the best thing for our country is for its citizens to be harshly critical when it fucks up.

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