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  1. -32 Gallon storage tote W 21.5, L 22.5, D 21.5
    -4 23w Daylight CFL bulbs, 4 23w Soft CFL bulbs
    -Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic potting soil
    -Fox Farm Trio for nutes.
    -Light timer
    -Oscillating fan
    -Reflective Insulation. (Forget the brand name, made with bubble wrap)
    -Tap water for right now. I may have to buy gallons from the store.
    -Need new ph meter, the one I have keeps reading 7.0 on everything.
    -Exhaust Fan: (Waiting for replacement) Panaflo 120 x 38mm Ultra High speed Fan. Fan Speed: 2750 RPM Bearing Type: Hydro Wave Bearing Air Flow: 114.7 CFM Voltage: DC 12V Current: 510 mA Power: 6.12W Noise: 45.5 dBA
    -1 Passive intake

    Mr Bag Seed is 5 days old seedling, 8 days planted/2pm on 11-21-11.

    La Diva Auto is 5 days old seedling, 6 days planted/8am on 11-24-11.

    Originally, I was just going to use Mr. Bag Seed as a test grow but the seed wasn’t breaking from the soil, so I decided to germinate my free seed, La Diva Auto Fem Seed. I had them at 24/7 but then I switched them to 20/4. Then flip to 12/12 if Mr Bag Seed shows he’s female.

    It was getting pretty hot inside the box, 90’s-100’s with 2 to 4 lights on. The reflective insulation may be the culprit along with no exhaust fan. Speaking of which, I’m still waiting on my replacement fan, the first was damaged.

    I now have it set up with two bulbs on, the seedlings a few inches under them. A mini fan blowing towards the exhaust hole, the seedlings get a bit of the breeze as well. I have a fan outside of the box pointed towards the intake just for now. The temp now is 85.6 F. I would leave the lid off during light time, but I'm wary of pests.

    Picture #7 - Mr. Bag Seed
    Picture #8 - La Diva

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Questions, Helpful Comments welcomed!

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  2. SUBD haha good luck J, seedlings are lookin good :)
  3. Thanks man, I will need it!
  4. It's been about a week for both seedlings, should I wait a few more weeks to replant into a bigger pot? Or do it this week?
  5. I would transplant as soon as you can. Repotting plants is stressful, so I try to do it only once during a grow (there are other opinions on this though).
  6. I transplanted them yesterday, next time I think I will place the seed in the pot to begin with. I didn't get all of Mr Bag Seed's roots and it didn't go to well with La Diva but I got all her roots. I checked on them this morning and they seem fine. I also watered them.

    I finally hooked up my exhaust fan but it seems to cool down the box way too much. So I turned it off, left the mini fan inside blowing and with 4 lights on, it's registering at 86 degrees. Not too sure at what to do in this situation, any ideas? Or just let it be?

    I've also come to realize that I'd rather have a wider tote than a taller one. It's not bad for one plant, two is a pain in the ass.

    No pictures but I'll take some later.
  7. That grow box is an investment for life. Nice job.:wave:
    Best of Luck.
  8. Thanks, I'll need all of it I can get!

    Question for all, since the soil already has nutes, and they've been in the party cups for a bit over a week when I transplanted them, should I hold off on the nutes for another week? I was originally going to wait a month before feeding them nutes.
  9. Id feed once transplated to final home, roughly 4-5 nodes.
  10. Still a bit small to feed? Pictures below.

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  11. Dont use any nutes. Youre using Fox Farm. Wait a couple weeks atleast. Mine just reached a little over 3 weeks and I just started on 1/4 strength. That soil will provide enough nutes for a few weeks.
  12. That was the original plan, just wasn't sure with the added soil, if I should wait an extra week since the new soil technically adds more nutes. The plan is still to wait.

    Thanks for your input everyone!
  13. yea definitely wait for a few weeks before you do any kinda feeding. It's not an exact science, more trial and error at the beginning. After a few weeks when you start mixing in ferts with your water, just start conservative and examine the plants responses to determine how much to feed in the future. I usually find a good dosage after two or three iterations of this process, simple trial and error. Just make sure you know what symptoms to look for in over- or under-feeding. I'm no expert at this but there are ppl on grasscity who are, shouldn't be hard to find. Or if you're not inclined to play doctor with your precious plants, you can never really go wrong with foxfarms' schedule (but start with HALF the volumes of nutes they use, just to be safe and save money as well). Hope that helps man, and keep the good pics comin!
  14. o and btw nice transplant, they're looking great in their new homes!
  15. Thanks! I'm still holding my breathe. If you saw me yesterday...it was brutal. They are still green and chilling so thats good!

    When I decide on the feeding I'll let you guys know.
  16. Way too early. Wait till your on your 5-6 node.
  17. Will do, thanks.
  18. Do you think I should go with the mini cfls so I can put more light in or stick with what I got?
  19. The cfl's your using look small enough. Can you suspend some from the ceiling, using cardboard.
    The contraption i made is ghetto but it works.



  20. No, that's not possible at this time. Trying to keep it as stealth as possible.

    I took some pictures this morn, it looks like I didn't kill them!

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