JDB Mothership (Y2K)

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    I was wrong. My bad.
  2. I am sure you did...
  3. It's a JBD, they arn't cheap buddy. Your starting bid is a bit high but you should make close to what your buy price is depending on the downstem.

    What kind of diffused downstem did you end up putting in it?
  4. JBD have long since gone out of business and are collectors pieces now, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone scooped it up for that price. Hell, I've seen them go for more in rare occasions.

    Good luck on the sale.
  5. I'm sure he did as well, but it certainly was not a Jerome Baker.
  6. Oh wait is that an original Jerome Baker piece??? My bad if it is...that is a gem right there for sure. You should grab some Sea Salt and 91% or up Iso Alcohol & give that a real thorough cleaning.
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    It is still the standard JBD slide and size, I stayed away from any 'glass-on-glass', the diffuser is a 13 hole, cut and weld...it's clean.

    Retail was $650, 12 years ago...$35 on the stem too
  8. Oh a 13 hole...sounds likes that diffuser would rip face :) Good luck!
  9. It makes for a great rumble and a smooth pull...

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