JDA is fully turned out... Smoked Illie TWICE

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  1. So i been hanging with some "old heads" (term for OGs, or the older dudes u look up to and chill wit in Philly) and this one dude is a straight wet had... He has it in and he samples everyone else shit.

    we were in the chinese store tryin to get some vanilla dutches for sum weed we had n sum bitch walked in called "guac" or something. he gave her a dub and she dipped a ciggarette in that shit for him... he started smoking in the store, the lady told him to get out, so we did. outside i took one puff, then another, and a third. I was good, I felt nothing at first, then a weird feeling. Euphoria, mild anger, and I felt good a bit. He was fucked, I couldn't hear him talking, dudej ust mumbled crazy.

    Today I smoked an L of sherm between four dudes... i was pretty high, then we smoked like four bags of weed and called it a nihgt.

    my question is... will this shit perma fry my brain? I'm really intelligent and only twenty... I need all my neurons, is this a safe recreational substance which I can uuse in extreme moderation and care?
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    I'm sorry, but if you're smoking sherm you are obviously NOT really intelligent...

    from American Drug War...

    sherm = sherman cig dipped in PCP
  3. It's not as severe as it seems man. People abuse shit, u can take like four or five drags of PCP and barely feel it. Or you can smoke three or four illies and get stuck in the fucking matrix.
  4. ive done sherm

    it will kill your brain cells but and stuff but if you do it in moderation its not that bad for you

    its like Ecstasy just be really careful that you do not that much not that often
  5. dude, that shit is so whack....and honestly, the people who smoke PCP...arent really the kind of people an "intelligent" person your age wants to be associating with...i say this as a 21 year old stoner. come on dude, use some of those precious neurons. smoke weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd

  6. Well, Billie Joe from Green Day did it, and he wrote fucking Dookie. So. There's your answer.

    In all seriousness. PCP is one drug I don't know about, but out of the three major hard drugs it seems that it's the least harmless. I still would never touch it however. If you're really interested, do some research on it. I research every drug before I try it, but I've never looked PCP up. Sorry I can't help more.
  7. My two best friends beat me the fuck up one day in a house...

    People just sat around and watched me get my ass whooped from side to side.. i didn't hit em back, i embraced it.

    Why? PCP... they thought I was gone for a minute. I never was but I can't blame em..

    We're too fucking fresh and too fly for that sherm shit, plus I live in a crazy hood and need to stay on point 100 per fucking cent.

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