Jays Ganja Grow Journal: Mids to Chronic

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    Intro: Hello to all of the GC community. The name's Jay. I'm new here and got such a friendly and helpful welcome that I believe I may stay for awhile. This is my 2nd official grow. After getting some help with a problem I have now begun this magical adventure. Any and all tips, tricks, and advice is much appreciated. Thanks all.

    Set up: Im growing in an upstairs room. I'm using 6 simple 6500k tube fluorescents. I'm growing in some organic peat moss. I'm currently using regular distilled water for a few weeks before I introduce nutrients in. I keep the room around 73-80 degrees with a small heater and 40-60 humidity with a humidifier I picked up. I also have a fan going most of the day on a timer. Im running my plants on 24 hour light atm.

    Goal: I'm using mids seeds that I've kept from a few high mids strains. My goal is to prove that with proper care and cultivation, even mids seeds can produce high quality dank.

    Significant days:
    Day 1) 3/23/2012- Planted 20 seeds in solo cups 1/2 inch deep. Placed bags over them for humidity domes.

    Picture Updates:

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  2. I'm not familiar with growing, so I can't give any advice, but I can't wait to follow you from seed to smoke! Best of luck in turning mids to chron Jay!
  3. Thanks Mink. You wont be disappointed. Everythings lookin good for day 2. There was a tornado warning over me and i worried for them but everything is safe and sound now :)
  4. Are you using the tube fluros for the entire veg cycle? And what kind of light are you going to use for flowering? Looking good so far keep it up!
  5. Yes fluorescent the whole time. I've got bulbs to switch in for when I 12/12 them.
  6. Cool ill keep an eye on your journal, Good luck!

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