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  1. hey guys,

    I'm in a bind since I have a programming assignment for a computer science class, long story short, my major won't use programming in the real world, and i'm too far behind to learn at the pace that we are progressing at.

    If you'd be able to help, pm me and I will give you what is required.

    If you can help, I am considering paying you(paypal), but only for a considerable effort. I can read code, just not write it.

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. What do you need? Like tutoring, question answering, or just giving you code? I haven't messed with Java in a while but I could help probably.
  3. Straight up code. I have some of the code available, and we are supposed to build from it, and develop a working program.

    I have the entire list of requirements, as well as the default files.

  4. Can you post what it is, so I can see if I can do it? Maybe PM it to me or something if you don't want it public? If its simple I probably can, but if I have to build a GUI I can't do it.

  5. It's the game engine for a Blackjack program; three starter files are provided, and you are to write the code for what the game is supposed to do. The GUI is provided already I believe.
  6. Also, if you are interested, please PM me your email since I have the .zip files and the word doc assignment ready to go out of my email.
  7. I'm sorry man, I can't help you cause I code in python. But if you are willing to pay, go to vWorker and post it there and you'll get someone really quickly.
  8. I posted to vWorker, however I'm leery of what they offer, and if I can get it back in time :eek:

    if anyone knows anyone that can write java fairly well, please send a PM!

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