Jason Lee cameo

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by soapman, May 26, 2010.

  1. It's sort of a cameo, more in the line...

    Anyway I was watching My name is Earl episode 6 - Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine, at the end of the episode his brother asks "what was the name of the monkey from Bj & the Bear. In mallrats Jason Lee says to TS, "Why can't they remake or bring back good shows, like Bj & the Bear."

    Jason lee musta really liked that show. Anyway it's stupid I know but it was funny to hear bj and the bear brought up with Jason Lee there.
  2. Wow!, i just watched that a few days back and knew i recognized that BJ & the bear. couldnt put my finger on it. was itching but thats it man nice thinking buddy.

    Hell yeah man mallrats was the shit.

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