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Jar Volume

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stan4444, May 10, 2010.

  1. Just wondering how the fluid volume of a jar would convert to pot. Not that I need conversion rates just need to know the size of jar that would comfortably store a zip.
  2. It doesn't convert. The weight of weed varies widely based on the density of the buds.

    Generally a quart mason jar is good for 1-2 ounces depending on how heavy the buds are.
  3. I would have to agree with whatever OSG says, he is the almighty:cool:
  4. Thanks, but no I'm not :)

    I'm just a dude, no better or worse than anyone else. I've just been at this for a long time and I do my homework as it were.
  5. i use wide mouth pint mason jars for my weed, and i put an ounce in each one. u can buy a pack of 12 for only 8bux at a wal-mart. and they definitely keep all my weed as fresh as the day i buy it
  6. if uve seen an oz u should be able to go to walmart and choose an appropriate size
  7. An ounce can vary greatly in size based on bud density and other factors.
  8. full size, not extra sized, full sized mason jars.... if you ask for it make sure you dont say biggest size...FULL SIZE will fit a semi fluffy QP so i would safely assume using one of them for storage, would be legit lol
  9. You don't want a jar that's too big. A jar that will hold a QP isn't suitable for long term storage of just an ounce. It'll dry out too much.
  10. #10 SIRSOG, May 10, 2010
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    i was just giving him the utmost safe option that no one could disagree with hahaha, the 2 size down ones are perfect for an oz maybe a denser oz and a half, the extra size ones...could fit a fucking pound + hahahahahhaha or a small child

    oh for you conversion ratios op, i would assume you need a 28 fl oz jar or more (aka the average mayonaise size) seems to leave good results
  11. I've noticed that, but why is that exactly?
  12. It's a simple matter of too much air to bud ratio. If the jar is mostly filled with air the bud will dry out too much.
  13. Jars are made for liquid measurements, not by weight. You can't really convert that to bud. I use quart jars for an oz, pint jars hold 1/3 to 1/4 oz.
  14. OSG is too humble. I'd take his word over a supreme court justice.
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  15. Like it's already been said, different buds/quality will effect the storage capacity. I was wondering this myself a month ago. My experience is that you can get an zip and a half in the quart jars and about 3/4 a zip in the pint jars (wide mouth jars). If your using the small mouth jars, you'll get far less.
  16. Small mouth and large mouth jars still hold the same volume.
  17. Small vs. Large mouth jars do hold the same liquid volume (hence them both being pint/quart jars), but if your filling them with buds (solids), the large mouth jars will fill easier and you fit more because you get easy access to the nugs. If you have a small mouth jar, you have to leave more head room in them to grab the buds. It also makes picking the buds out harder (unless you have miniature hands). I was just recommending the wide mouth jars because they work out better for storing then the small mouth ones. But yes, they do hold the same liquid volume.
  18. I had about 2 1/2 ounces in one of the 2 Qt. Ball jars, and it turned completely dry in about a month. Not a shred of moisure left in the buds, though they still smelled great and the smoke was superb. I'd just rather retain a little bit of moisture in the future. I guess I need to go with more bud in smaller jars - and pack it tight.
  19. Nah you want it to where the buds are evenly placed throughout the jar up to about %90 full. This will provide good bud exposure to the air, it won't dry out, and your buds come out amazing.

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