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  1. Is there a decent Japanese RPG out right now?

    I swear, it's like the Genre is dying off. The last one I played was Final Fantasy XIII and I don't even wanna talk about how terribly linear it was.

    I remember when RPG's where good like Chrono Trigger, Star Ocean (First and Second), Lunar, Final Fantasy 7, etc.

    These are the type of games I could play forever while I'm high and get sucked right into the storyline and characters.

    There's got to be some game out right now that's worth playing?
  2. I honestly dont know about any right now haha, but now you've made me want to go play and destroy chrono trigger. Busting out emulator time
  3. Hell yeah, that's how I play it now.
  4. JRPGs good?


  5. dude, japan invented the rpg. All the ones that built the ones we have today, were japanese.

    This is making me want to go rage some Earthbound, then some Mother 3. After Chronotrigger that is
  6. earthbound ftw!

  7. I still have yet to ever beat it myself. Ive been there when its been beaten ,and i contributed to the game getting to the end, but me and my friend when we were... wow.... 8 or 9 played through that game for MONTHS before getting to the end. I love that game
  8. I've only beat it ONCE and that was when SNES was the shit.

    You ever play Grandia on the PS1?

    That was a pretty good RPG.

  9. Haha i actually havent. For some reason when i was a kid i wanted a N64 rather than a ps1, i had a ps1 for a while but traded it in.... missed out on everything but ff7 pretty much, i raped that game all over the place
  10. Yeah dude you missed out on alot of quality JRPGs.

    Alundra was another great one. A lot of puzzles and difficult bosses.

  11. Yes, I know, but the West got it right!

    and I'm just not a fan of girly-anime/emo-boy looking things.:p
  12. how bout legend of dragoon for the playstation original?
    neone played that?

  13. Fuck. I knew this was going to come up, okay there's ONE JRPG I like. :cool:
  14. is Shenmue for the dreamcast considered an rpg??
    idk the creator called it F.R.E.E genra.
    but idc cuz that game was fucking sweeeet.so interactive that game was:hello:
  15. I would play the shit out Shining force and ff 8, great games.

  16. hahahaha, i know what you mean there. Outside of final fantasy i cant really deal with those type of character layouts, and more rencently FF got all realistic-ish looking so its not as bad hahahahah. I remember when FF was just a 2d RPG world viewed from above.... like old zelda's hahahahah those games are fucking EPIC
  17. JRPGs are dying because most people prefer active battles rather than standing around and waiting.

    JRPGs are my favorite games ever, it's sad that they dont make more, I know the genre has great potential.
  18. I could care less for the active action in an RPG (although it was nice in the Star Ocean series). But the greatness of ALL JRPG's are the stories.

    The Japanese know how to tell a story very well and can pull you in very easily. Yeah, I could care less for the emo kid characters as well, I agree there.
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    There are TONS of good JRPG out, the only problem is they're not getting US ports. Well most of them atleast. So if you have a PS3, check out play-asia's website, read about some of the games and check them out. Keep in mind they'll be in japanese and you'll have to use a translation guide. But JRPGs being ported to America, such as a certain Tail's of game, the US got what was essentially the Beta whereas japan got nearly double the content. If you're truely into RPGs import them.

    And JRPGs are not dying out, they may not be as popular in the US, but in Japan our action games hardly sell. Mass Effect sold 8,864 it's first week in Japan.
  20. Noted, Thanks for the tip. +rep

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