Japanese Beetles On My Plants

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  1. I have some decent sized outdoor plants growing in my garden and i’ve noticed a lot of japanese beetles on them recently. They are still in veg and really not much damage has been done to plant yet either. What should i do about this hoping to get a head start before it could get worse!! thanks
  2. They have organic pest prevention sprays etc... Dont use chemical pesticides though. The organic preventions sprays can be used all the way through first week of flower as its a foliar spray. Just google it I dont have the brand info on me right now.
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  3. Yeah, I'd try to use organic pest prevention sprays too. Mainly because I wouldn't want to deal with getting added chemicals off of my weed, just an extra step that could fuck up your harvest.
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  4. Foliar spray. You can use some natural pest repellents, if you’re organic, like me. Neem oil works, but you can use everything from cilantro, garlic, clove/clove oil , karanja, and capsaicin. You can mix all these together in a foliar concoction with just water and let them soak. If you are using things like the garlic or cilantro, I’d cut them up a little so they can emulsify better. Not 100% how well this works for Japanese Beetles. But they do work for a variety of other pests as well like aphids, spider mites, and fungus gnats. So I’d assume, but just make sure you keep foliaring lightly every so often, and make sure to see if the infestation worsens or starts dwindling.
    Hope this helps you out brother.
    Would like to hear an update if you’re around for that.
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  5. I tried mixing my own from orange peel it worked but took like 3 days of sun brewing in a jar to extract the oil.
  6. Ah, man, you don’t have to do that. You can just buy organic citric acid by itself and it’d probably work even better/ more efficient. Also another plus,
    You can also use it as a pH down I believe.
  7. Jap beetles like grasshoppers are way to big to spray for. Pluck and crush as needed.
    Years of growing outside has taught me that all I have to spray for is
    Powdery Mildew = Green Cure
    Caterpillars = BT
    Once a week every week on the Cure. Start to finish
    Once a week every week from the first sign of flower for BT.



    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    Caterpillars will ruin all your hard work if you don't spray.

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  8. I see. Thanks for the correction, brother.
    You can definitely spray or use bacterium for caterpillars though. Bacterium could work against those as well.
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  9. Funny thing I work at juice factory and have access to organic citric fascinating info
  10. Well organic citric sound like what I use Dr Zymes. It's a citrus acid formula

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  11. Haha, nice one brother. What a coincidence.
  12. BT is a biological bacterium.
    Narrow target group is just the larval form of caterpillars, loopers, cabbageworms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers.
    Originally sold under the brand name of Dipel, or Thuricide.
    Used most against tomato hornworms on a small home gardener scale.
    I won't grow cannabis outside without it.
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  13. thank you man !
  14. appreciate the reply thank you! and yes i am growing 100% organic so i will definitely try this and keep you updated
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  15. so is there anything i can do about the beetles or do you think my plant will be okay
  16. As long as the damage is minor the plant will be fine. I lose a finger off a fan here and there mostly to grasshoppers and it's not a big deal.

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  17. We got some bags out in our yard on shepard's hooks. Bought them on amazon and they have been working wonders.
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  18. Yep best way for sure. I pluck and crush daily from all my plants....little bastards!
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  19. I would definitely spray, but also as @BrassNwood said, crush any you see immediately, as well. The foliar should repel them at least, but you’ll have to also be the exterminator for your girls for the time being.
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  20. gonna try both of these

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