Japan threatens to kick US out

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  1. Sweet.

    US Okinawa bases in red

    Can you believe how cocky we are?

    Obama: "We don't negotiate with Japanese"
  2. wow thats intence
  3. I say we leave and say good luck with North Korea boys,

    cause if you think they bold now, just wait till we leave!
  4. We'll still have ~30k troops in South Korea, so I doubt that they're going to get more bold if we leave Japan.
  5. Well duh, but that don't mean they wont smack japan around.
  6. How are they going to smack Japan around? Please explain.
  7. Oh if they get there hands on nuclear tech, it's gonna be fun on a bun. We got enough people in SK to hold the fort and the DMZ, but if they attack japan full on, with all the goodies they get from the chinese, it's gonna be fun.

    Oh and Japan is a shithole place to be stationed anyways. Close the place down, that's what i say
  8. Sometimes you just have to lower and shake your head and say, "really America this is what its come to?"
  9. So, they're going to nuke Japan? That'll work. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, what goodies are they going to get from the Chinese? Hopefully they'll ask for a Navy because they'll definitely need one if they wanted to attack Japan.

    North Korea has no way of attacking anyone except the countries that directly border them. The only thing they have going for them militarily is their massive ground force that they can't really do anything with besides look tough and move slow.
  10. I'm not worried about Japan with the NK's. Kim Jong Il is a dumbass communist, but I don't think he has Asian balls big enough to attack Japan. It would lead to the destruction of his country.
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    You don't fucks with the Japanese.
    Remember: They have Godzilla.

    et. samurai, mech-warriors, super saiyans, manga, Final Fantasy...
  12. you mean aside from the Korean People's Navy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    and Korean People's Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?

    You'll notice most of the tech they have is Chinese.

    Well now that i've proven how wrong you are(and boy are you wrong), I'm leaving before i get an infraction.
  13. our country sucks ass. We need to GTFO of every other country.

    The sheer ego of our government is astounding. Like the rest of the world is just supposed to let our military post up wherever we want.
  14. Did you read those Wikipedia articles or did you just read the title?

    A brown-water navy wouldn't really be effective in attacking Japan. Nice try though.

    Oh, yes. They have such a big and bad air force. I bet Japan is shaking in their boots with their one type of bomber from the 1940s.

    Now that I've proven you wrong instead of just posting links, why don't you answer my question of how they will attack Japan? They going to use their brown-water navy or their extremely limited air force or are they going to just swim their ground forces over there?
  15. we were posted in Germany and Japan because of WW2.

    We're in Korea because that war isn't over.
  16. I'd think if the US weren't in the region the bordering nations would be more likely to open up trade with North Korea and pursue peaceful ends.
  17. What would be the point in buying carriers if america is in Japan?

    Not to mention China hasn't built any carriers yet, so where are the North Koreans gonna buy one?

    or how about the dozens of jets they have, armed with capable pilots?
    Like I said earlier, all they're missing is carriers.
    Actualy, you just showed how wrong you are. The only thing keeping NK from developing there navy further is the fact that the USN is only a little ways away.

    Now where's my douchebag to go "I love it when sheeple get pwned!"
  18. This happens all too often though...
  19. maybe you're right. Like i said earlier, Japan is a shithole place to be stationed if you're in the army, i say shut it down.
  20. We're talking about if the US left Japan, how the North Koreans could attack and my point is that they don't have any way of effectively attacking Japan.

    idfk. This just proves my point. North Korea has no way of effectively attacking Japan.

    They have dozens of jets, but they're all very old and easy prey for SAMs.

    So, if the US leaves China is going to just poop out some awesome Navy for them? Fat chance.

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