Jani Lane found dead at the age of 47

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  1. Jani Lane Dead: Warrant Singer Dies At 47

    Kinda sad to hear this. While im not a huge fan of hair metal, i always like Warrant, he had such a powerful voice, such an underrated band. Rest Easy you golden haired angel:(


    My favorite song by Warrant.
  2. Warrant suck IMO, but apparently he was a really nice guy, always had time to sign an autograph or chat with you, RIP.
  3. I dont even know any Warrant songs outside of Cherry Pie but RIP regardless.
  4. Too bad most people just remember cherry pie....Warrant was a sold rock//metal band for a little while

    The guy was very nice, from what I can say

    Rest in Peace

  5. Wasn't a big fan of Warrant.. But I think it's crazy his real name was John Kennedy Oswald.. No wonder he changed his name..

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