Janet Jackson during the SuperBowl

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by t0ker, Feb 2, 2004.

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  1. luckily the guys i was watching it with had tivo. so we rewound it and watched it a few times in disbelief. lol!!!
  2. the things people will do for ratings O_O

    thought it is a nice tit..but her resemblance to her brother micheal throws off any possible sexual attraction :p
  3. my thoughts exactly stylie.......
  4. We wanted to know what kind of nipple ring she had on and did we really see what we thought we saw!

    It was a golden nipple shield from a high dollar store in New Youk

    ......sure.....wardrobe malfunction....yeah...right!
  5. The worst thing about this whole scandal is the number of people who were \"offended\", even though this was obviously a publicity stunt gone wrong. CBS has threatened to never let MTV produce another halftime show, just because Janet Jackson\'s nipple came out.

    Note to anybody in America who is offended by a non-sexual display of the human body: <h1>SHUT THE FUCK UP!</h1>

    That about sums it up.
  6. i think it was perfect. drinkin beers with my buddies, watchin the superbowl, and seein some titties. does it get any more manly then that?
  7. I\'m really amazad about the turmoil Janet\'s boob caused.
    But not only amazad but even more outraged about the hypocracy (sp?)
    Apparently it\'s ok to broadcast films on tv where you see (in slo-mo!) someones brains being shot out or body parts flying around, but those vulnerable little children\'s souls would get upset by seeing A TIT during a split second!!!??? Gimme a break. In what age do these conservatives live?

  8. im not sure, but i think it has somthing to do with the broadcasting rules of nudity. and on such a family event, while millions of children were watching,...and maye somthing to do with the fact she went around and behind the backs, of cbs, the superbowl and mtv, to suprise us all and our children with her fantsistc nipple display, for publicity...not gone wrong, (do you think she had her nipple jewlry on the other as well) it went just as she planned it, i do not care what she claims. her idea just plain and simple backfired.
    btw i was not offended, my son was excited beyond beliefe to see her nip, and still is smiling about it today. but another child of mine was grossed out by what was around her nipple, she\'s 9 and thought it was stapled there.
  9. I just love this. In america they produce shows with the biggest boobs and the smallest bikinies. Then they show it on TV. Then they get offendet if someone actually shows the whole tit.

    I still remember when I was a little boy and lived in Germany. Had watched all those french, german and italian movies. Showing boobs was the most natural thing of all. Complete nudity wasn\'t too unusual either. Then I watched an american movie and got sooooo frustrated. So much sex but WHEN CAN WE SEE THE BOOBIES?
  10. it was only a tit..... i think they should be less covering up, and more tits showing... thats how god intended....
  11. i read in a uk tabloid that it caused \"serious physical damage\" to someone who saw it


    how the fuck is that supposed to happed ??? you see it and your dick goes up so fast it slaps your gut winding you ???


    why the fuck do i think these things :smoke: :eek: :confused:

  12. ROTFL!
    Probably he was wanking in front of the telly already and at the moment he saw actually -totally unexpected- Janet\'s bare tit, he just wanked too hard and hurt his dick!

  13. Yeah, tell me about it... they had something on Ebay about an 18 year old girl trying to sell her virginity on there, she was from england... last bid was about $8,000 before they closed the auction do to laws..... sick stuff huh??

    her excuse was that she had to pay off her collage loans from bristol university...

  14. i agree fully...

  15. hahaha, stapled? OUCH
  16. Only in America can you make a movie of a woman getting her tits chopped off but you can\'t show the same boobs in an erotic movie being fondled???
    I think they\'re making something out of nothing, for crying out load it was a breast,something over half the population have.

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