Jane's Addiction

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Krypto, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. I love this band...Especially the song Jane says...Some weird feeling when you listen to it, it seems like for once everything will be okay in the world...I grew up to this song and loved it ever since=D..Anyone else think its pretty laid back music?
  2. i can really dig janes addiction..have you heard anything off their latest album? I heard the radio songs..very cool :)
  3. im gonna throw out a must hear song here..
    the riches
    must hear!
    go! now!
  4. I dig Jane's Addiction too! I can't get Jane Says out of my head now. "Have you seen my wig around?" I like their cover of Sympathy for the Devil too. I like all their stuff.
  5. haha hell yah the two chicas like Janes addiction!!!!Man I always sing Jane says in my head...listening to it now lol...I"M DONE WITH SERGIO hahah....When I just listen to it, it tells me everythings gunna be just fine lol=D......It funnys too because my dad had HUGE business problems....But we listen to this song and he always taught me that everything will be alright and that your in control of your own life....So ya know everything is okay now=D.....
  6. pigz in zin - is my favorite song by them. have you guys seen the movie perry made? i think it was called "gift". really strange movie...

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