James Damore Firing

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  1. Yet another case of Corporate Liberalism giving fuel and credibility to right-wingers by suppressing free speech and differing view points ..

    Can we all just agree that the reason women don't dominate the tech industry, is because frankly .. they're not interested in doing so? Hell, there's one class in IT I'm taking where absolutely all of my classmates are males.

    Sexism is not to blame - the average woman just doesn't like programming. Women prefer arts, drama, nursing, hairstyling, cooking, teaching, etc. Men like construction, engineering, politics, science, defense, etc. Men and women are biologically different. End of story.

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  2. What I love about this guy is how normal looking and mild mannered he is. It's like "this is the face of the white supremacist patriarchy?" :laughing:

    It's not really that funny though, he got fired for publicly stating some things that are true. There is already a massive effort to get women into tech jobs and the ratio is still a sausage fest. Time to move on to a real problem.
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  3. Why is the world still not learning anything from the disasters of 2016..

    Why are we still having this You're a White Male drama. You're just giving those neo-nazis what they want.. and that scary dude Stefan Molyneux will keep on peddling his Ayn Randian horseshit .. Alex Jones will keep peddling his conspiracies .. ... Ben Sharpio and Milo Yiannopolous will keep bashing gays and trans people .. etc.

    Time to harden up and build tolerance to opposing viewpoints. Fear of opposition only gives them credibility, like I said. If you know they are wrong, what do you have to fear?
  4. Their guns, violence, and threats to American society?
  5. He uses a lot of bullshit pseudoscience to make his point which isn't really that well grounded in actual data. But he shouldn't have been fired.
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  6. Actually he directly cites psychology research for many claims in his memo. Certainly, everything he says about differences in personality between men and women is supported by scientific evidence. What part of his memo do you think is pseudoscience?

    Many versions of his memo released by the media have the citations edited out though, so it's not surprising that people think he didn't support his claims.
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  7. I'm not blaming "sexism" or anything like that...

    But no company big or small needs that kind of negative press. Or potential liability.
    He seems like a bright person (hard to pass interview at Google otherwise)... I'm surprised he didn't see all the negative shit he's going to stir up with his memos.
    People get fired for being late, he clearly knew what he was doing and got his 15 minutes of fame.

    Women were prevalent in the IT industry during the era of mainframes and ATS and human data entry. Not sure how much the biology changed since then. But the paradigm has shifted once personal computers started popping up.
  8. Oh if you listen to his interviews, he openly says he knew what the response would be. He knew he would get backlash, he just didn't anticipate how quickly and brutally Google would cut him loose for questioning the narrative.

    Negative bullshit is still bullshit. I'm sure many people at Google feel the same way as he does, it's just that he had the courage to say what he thought.
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    The science seems to only work when it supports one's point of view... Climate change is a hoax despite scientific evidence, but women being less predisposed to be programmers is somehow unquestionable ....

    On a recent Joe Rogan podcast one of the evolutionary biologists made a point that women are more agreeable because they are naturally wired to be able to deal with new born babies and toddlers. They are less equipped to deal with competitive men. .... Sound thinking right there.

    I guess the guy is pretty lonely because it clearly looks like he's never met an argumentative female. Which is every single one of them; if any blade has ever been in a relationship who the hell has even theorised otherwise? My wife or girlfriend agrees with everything I say all the time even when I'm being my ultimate manly self. Yeah right.

    On the point of babies, using his own theory aren't women also biologically wired to protect the baby's life at all cost? It's clearly evident in nature, it's very applicable in real life. So again, as far as biology, women are well equipped to deal with angry males, who are trying to fuck them and will ferociously defend their ground.
    As a Brazilian jiu jitsu student, Joe should know what it's like to go up rolling against a female competitor. A lot of times their aggression is unparalleled by men, could very well be trying to compensate for biological difference in strength, but certainly not mental fortitude.

    And what the fuck does any of this have to do with programming? Anyone who's worked in the industry knows that programming is an artform (unless you are a code monkey) having to see patterns, understand object and method interactions and visualize data flows is much more often an art than an exact science.
    Especially when talking about modern programming languages. Why are there a dozen JavaScript frameworks, which all do very similar things? Because authors looked for a different way to solve the same problem, a different way to express their philosophy. Sounds pretty damn artistic to me.
  10. Certain parts were scientifically sound. For example the part about woman being more anxious. But a lot of it was very limited research, which even the authors go to great lengths to clarify, being used to make grand statements that the the authors of those papers would never be comfortable with. He also has a lot of implicit assumptions with no evidence. It's been a while since I read it. I could reread and cite speficiallt what I think is misleading but I'm feeling lazy atm.
  11. Women in Computer Pioneers:
    • 1842: Ada Lovelace, analyst of Charles Babbage's analytical engine and described as the "first computer programmer"
    • 1942: Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood diva and co-inventor of an early form of spread-spectrum broadcasting
    • 1946: Betty Jennings, Betty Snyder, Fran Bilas, Kay McNulty, Marlyn Wescoff, and Ruth Lichterman, original programmers of the ENIAC
    • 1949: Grace Hopper, first programmer for the Mark I Calculator, known as the "Mother of COBOL"

    • 1962: Jean E. Sammet, mathematician and computer scientist; developed FORMAC programming language. Was the first to write extensively about history and categorization of programming languages (1969).
    • 1965: Mary Allen Wilkes computer programmer; First person to use a computer in a private home and the first developer of an operating system (LAP) for the first minicomputer (LINC)
    • 1968: Barbara H. Liskov, first American female Doctorate of Computer Science (1968), winner of the Turing prize 2009
    • 1972: Karen Spärck Jones, pioneer of information retrieval and natural language processing
    • 1979: Carol Shaw, becomes a game designer and programmer for Atari Corp. and Activision
    • 1983: Adele Goldberg, one of the developers and designers of the Smalltalk language
    • 1984: Roberta Williams completes groundbreaking work in graphical adventure games for personal computers.
    • 1984: Susan Kare, created the icons and many of the interface elements for the original Apple Macintosh in the 1980s, was an original employee of NeXT, working as the Creative Director.
    • 1985: Radia Perlman, invented the Spanning Tree Protocol. Has done extensive and innovative research, particularly on encryption and networking. USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award 2007, among numerous others.
    • 1985: Irma Wyman, first Honeywell CIO
    • 1986: Hannah Smith begins work for CRASH (magazine)
    • 1988: Eva Tardos, winner of the Fulkerson Prize for her research on design and analysis of algorithms
    Modern Women In Computers:
    • 1993: Shafi Goldwasser, computer scientist and two-time recipient of the Gödel Prize for research on complexity theory, cryptography and computational number theory, and the invention of zero-knowledge proofs
    • 1993: Barbara Liskov along with Jeannette Wing develops the Liskov substitution principle
    • 1994: Sally Floyd, becomes famous for her work on Transmission Control Protocol
    • 1996: Xiaoyuan Tu, first woman recipient of the ACM's Doctoral Dissertation Award.
    • 1997: Anita Borg, the founding director of the Institute for Women and Technology.
    • 2004: Jeri Ellsworth, self-taught computer chip designer and creator of the C64 Direct-to-TV
    • 2005: Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder and chief technology officer of One Laptop Per Child which is an intitiative to get computers for all children.
    • 2006: Frances E. Allen, first female winner of the ACM's Turing Award
  12. james damore is a nazi bigot racist homophobe racist
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  13. I think he knew he was going to be fired, perhaps he wanted to be?

    You don't raise your head or swim against the flow when working for a US tech monster.

    It's all much a do about nothing. Another non issue to distract us from the real problems we face.
  14. Interesting how all the people defending James damore, which I actually agree with, are now dead silent about the Jemele Hill situation. She wasn't fired, rightfully so, but of course a lot of the same people likely to defend Damore are calling for her to be fired.
  15. Well it does highlight the immense double standard that exists when it comes to political speech. Damore just presented an alternate explanation for the employment disparities in tech, and provided solid evidence to back up his claims. He also didn't make his statements in the public sphere, he sent a private memo to his colleagues that somebody else leaked to the media. He got fired immediately and was portrayed badly by mainstream media.

    Jemele Hill said a bunch of inflammatory things on Twitter about Trump being a white supremacist. She provided no evidence for this claim. She was not fired, and people are defending her and denouncing ESPN for even reprimanding her about talking trash on Twitter.

    I don't think anybody should get fired for their political views. It's just disappointing that there are clearly different standards applied to a white man vs a black woman.

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